Friday, 30 April 2010

Baby owl's progress.

I took the tiny dumfling from yesterday's post, tweaked it a bit, dumfed it a bit more, added a branch or two and a twinkling star and here he is!

He also has a little friend.
Well what else do you do when the football is on and then goes into extra time?!!!!
Suggestions, so far, for more birds......
Peacock, hens, doves, swallow
Any more?
Thanks for popping in. Have a great weekend.


Wipso said...

A bird of paradise? ;-)
A x said...

Hello! Just popped over to see your owl! And a very lovely owl it is too. Sooo sweet! Thank you for visiting me! Have a happy weekend! suzie x

dottycookie said...

Oh, he's adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment I'm off to browse round yours now!

diney said...

just popped in to say 'how cute is that'!

Friko said...

what do I do? I blog, of course.
seeing that I can't do what you can.

Gez said...

awe, he's a real cutie Jo. What about a Kingfisher? Your little owl looks stunning against the black & the little stars are perfect.
Couldn't believe the extra time last night! Hadn't they played long enough!
Hope you have a lovely Bank holiday weekend. Hugs, Gez.xx

Felted House said...

The owls are so lovely! The black background really shows them off well. xx

Lyn said...

You could get ready for Chrismas and do a robin!

Jacky said...

Looove your little felted clever (and what a great way to fill in time!!!). The black background really sets it all off so well.
Clever you...I love your little robin red breast too.

Jacky xox

Ann said...

How cute are they? Too cute! You are so clever to do this work.
What about seagulls?
You could add in the waves of the sea, a boat, a lighthouse etc should you want to as well ;)

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Twiglet
love the little owl he is gorgeous with the dark background, Peacocks would be good they have beautiful coloured feathers.
Christine x

Calico Kate said...

Well, bluetits and all the finches esp the bullfinch with its black and pink colouring. A heron? My next favorite bird after the puffin .... there are also more puffins! (there is a one woman market for puffins in Scotland!)


Owls are very popular at the moment and yours are the cutest I've seen :o)
I expect you are looking forward to the World Cup so you can get lots of stitching done LOL :o)


The Inky Minx said...

This is just THE cutest thing ever, i adore owls.. you rock x

Spyder said...

Yes you must do a tutorial on your dumfy-ness!!
I'd love to know how it's done!