Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mr Pencil and Mr Rubber on WOYWW!

These Wednesdays come round too fast!!! Maybe it is just that a long weekend makes the week seem shorter somehow!
Well, I hope you all had a great weekend and didn't eat too much chocolate -although, apparently a small amount is good for you in lots of ways (well thats my excuse anyway).

My work desk today has a few things left from yesterday and the weekend.

Keryn loved my little poppy cards but wondered if I just had a little picture instead. So, I finished off four and let her choose her favourite. Then, I decided to mount the others on a board covered with a natural linen, so that they have that rustic look. What do you think? They are all different because I always work in a very free sort of way when I am "dumfing".
They are approx. 9" x 5" overall.

At the back you can see three little boxes, containing a little gift, all ready to send off to the lovely folk who sent in best ideas and suggestions of our Bridal challenge - when we have chosen them next Monday!
If you still want to join in then pop over as soon as possible and add your idea to the list.

My box of lace and ribbon is sitting there waiting for me to dip into once I have finished today's blog. Not sure what I am making yet but lots of ideas whizzing round. Or maybe I shall be dipping into my orange stash to make brooches as I have had a request for some more.

In the middle at the front you can see my little red brooch. I finished it today and Wipso has just phoned to say that one of her customers would like it, so I might have to make another for the shop!!

Last but not least is this little book.

Our local supermarket has a Sunday car boot sale and we wandered up, this week, for a browse. I am hopeless and never find anything exciting. However, this week I came across this little book.

Its title amused me so I flicked through a few pages and decided I had to have it. It had been someone's Sunday School Christmas gift in 1928 and I could just imagine what the child who received it would have made of it. Obviously it had been treasured because it was an elderly family member of that child who sold it to me.
As a keen crafter, scribbler and occasional artist, I could appreciate the importance of Mr Pencil & Mr Rubber. This book however, holds far more than a children's story about the two characters.
Here is part of the opening sentence...
" How much enjoyment comes into the lives of boys and girls if they possess a lead pencil with which to write and draw, and, if in addition they possess a piece of India rubber with which they can rub out their mistakes."

Now I happen to think this is so true, even in today's highly technical world, in which our children live. I am not sure that many children would agree or perhaps give up their "Game-boy" in favour of Mr Pencil and Mr Rubber! Nevertheless, teaching a child to write and draw can provide them with skills that last for ever.
But the book continues with stories and homilies to help develop a child's moral and social well being - (Yes - all linked to Mr Pencil and Mr Rubber!)
"Rubber makes a good bouncer....
When a rubber ball is thrown down, it always rises again, and the harder it is thrown, the higher it will rise. Does not this teach us that if we are thrown down by difficulites we should try to rise to overcome them."
"A pencil keeps getting shorter....
The continual shaving of the pencil to get a point, and its continual use, keeps reducing the days of its life and usefulness. The lives of some pencils coming to an end much more quickly that others. So it is with peoples lives, they keep getting shorter and some are much shorter than others."
Just imagine what a young child would make of that statement!
I suppose it is typical of the literature of the time, aimed at helping children develop their moral, social and spiritual attitudes. Much of it, although old fashioned in its approach, still holds good today....
"You will never be sorry
For using gentle words
For doing your level best
For being kind to the poor
For looking before leaping
For hearing before judging
For thinking before speaking
For harbouring clean thoughts ...."

And on that note I must make a start and get dumfing!

Have a great day and pop over to see what Julia and the rest are up on WOYWW!

We had a fab evening out at the theatre last night...
Wipso and her eldest came with me to see Gervase Phinn. If you want a really good laugh then try to see him if he comes to a theatre near you!!


Wipso said...

Love the poppy pics now they are finished Twig. That little book is a real treasure...I'm sure you will continue to teach me my morals now [you can but try hehehe].
A x

mountainear said...

I know that car boot sale well... and believe it or not I've picked up that same book twice now - tempted to buy but not enough to part with my money! Great find. I'm glad it has gone to a good home.

I came away with some 'cookie' cutters and some little canapé tins - unused. Whether I will ever use them is another question.

Jensters said...

Lovely poppies and has for the book what a great find....i love things that are dated too that you can sort of take yourself back to that year and imagine!

Crafty Chris said...

what a lovely book, one to treasure, love the poppy cards and thrilled to bits with my lavender pic, 2 very talented Ladies.
Christine x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh wonderful words Twiglet - I'd have bought the book too. Poppies on the linen - lush.

Gez said...

Oh wow what a great find. Thank You so much for sharing the little book with us.xx We have a house full of rubbers but I can never find one!
I think your poppies look fabulous against the rustic linen. Great idea.
Have a lovely Wednesday. Gez.xx

Alicia said...

Wow! you have a very interesting blog...I love your amazing creations...and extracts from your new book! Thanks for popping over and visiting my blog.
Alicia xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Wonderful post Jo, love the stuff you shared with us from the book :) The poppy pics are beautiful and love the idea of mounting them on linen ;) Your comment on Annie's post made me laugh hehe
Anne xx

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

lovely pictures! and what a great find, I love this book, all distressed and old!


Helen said...

Love the poppy pics, the book looks and sounds great.

Linby said...

Ooh this was a lovely post - that little book looks sweet and how funny that your friend picked up the same book twice! I will certainly pay those blogs a visit that you have given awards to their titles sound very intriging. Love the poppy cards.

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Your poppies are stunning!
Well done on finding the book, it looks and sounds a gem.
Clare x

Paula Gale said...

wow - i got to the end then saw that you'd been to see Gervais Phinn... i've read all his books - he's the James Herriott of the educational world... i'd love to see him - he occassionally comes to Chesterfield to the Winding Wheel - i'll get Annie to tell me more.

Love those poppies and will have a look over in the shop at them. That book was a treasured find... how lovely that it still existed in the same family but can't help thinking that your gain was their loss, especially when its been in the family for so long... hope you enjoy it loads.

Paula x x x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Poppies are my favourite and they look lovely on the linen. It's amazing what you can find when you're out and about "snooping" - Well done!!

Cardarian said...

I love those poppy pics, but the little book that is a real treasure - I am so happy you wrote out a few bits from it...1928 aye?? Kids should read it NOW!!! I love that you appretiate a book - as a librarian I think even with all the advanced technology we should treasure books!
Thanks for blogging about it!

Jensters said...

Hey i have no idea what i shall do with my leaf....lol

Tracey said...

Your poppies are fabulous and what a treasure you found at the car boot, have to confess have never been to one myself.
Lovely post too.

Spyder said...

Love all the things you do on your blog, fabulous

Angie said...

What a treasure you found ....worth its weight in gold ... wonderful quotes.
Love the poppy pictures ...so clever

Linda Elbourne said...

Great pictures and what a fab book. Sorry I am a day late X

Anonymous said...

Love that old book Twiglet, you don't find many like that these days do you? You also don't come across people called Ebenezer Wilmshurst any more either!!! Love the poppies too.


mckinkle said...

Jo, how could I have missed your post from yesterday?! I dont know!

Ooh those poppy pictures look so very perfect on a linen back as it gives it a straw look and poppys and straw is just a marriage to me!

What an amazing find that little book is! I couldnt help but think about the pencil that kept getting sharpened and then would run out faster how today's kids could interpret that to meaning dont do too much too fast! Some sure think that these days! lol!

Keryn x

Spyder said...

I love your poppy pics too! In fact all your bits and bobs are fabulous! (Lyn)

Cher~ said...

Your art and dumfings completely intrigue me. I love all the texture. Just lovely.