Thursday, 15 April 2010

A woman of mysteries!

On my Wednesday blog I mentioned I was making a mermaid costume and several kind souls showed interest and asked to see a pic. (I think they thought I would be daft enough to do the full monty mermaid!) Well, now that I know that it has arrived safely with its customer, I thought I should show you what it looks like and tell you the tale.

The tale of the tail goes like this.

A blogging friend has a photographer husband who needed a mermaid outfit for a photo shoot. It is obviously, not something that can be easily purchased, so I volunteered to design and make one.

I had a lovely piece of silvery pink lycra-type fabric in my stash so I set too and cut out a brown paper pattern. After lots of emails to check size of fin and measurements for the fishy shape, I got to work and cut it out. It went together beautifully. Both Wipso and I think we get a little "divine" intervention at times! After all, I had never made anything like it before and yet somehow I seem to know how to do it.
I finished the costume and wanted to be sure it "worked".
I popped upstairs, slipped off my jeans, and pulled the tail on.

Now, I was still wearing an open blouse over my black jumper
I called hubby and asked if he would take a snap of the mermaid tail.
As he came through the door, I said "Hang on, I will take my top off!"
The look on his face said it all!!!

I meant that I would take the open blouse off, leaving the black jumper.

He thought he was going to get the full mermaid treatment!!!!
(Well that's men for you!!)
Hope you think it was worth all my designing and thinking time - oh and then a couple of hours sewing time too!

The other "reveal" of the day is the little picture that was hidden on Wednesday beneath my little dumfed landscapes. It has now been mounted and posted so I think I can show and tell now.

On Tuesday evening, Wipso and I had a girlie night, as the men went to footie.
We both dumfed - Annie revitalised Paula's little bear ( Do visit Paula's blog to see the result!)
I decided I would try to dumf a puffin. (Sounds weird but you know what I mean.)
Wipso found an online puffin picture for reference and, as we sat writing our little Ode for Paula, I dumfed away at my little puffin!!

This is what it looks like now its mounted ready to go.

What do you think? Its the first time I have dumfed a bird.

Might try another - any suggestions? lol

Lastly, on one of my blog hops I found this lovely card by Sue

She kindly said I could show the sentiment on here.

It seemed quite fitting considering how Wipso spends her time!

Thanks for dropping in - I will be sharing a special cake with you next time.


Wipso said...

A fab blog Sis. Mermaid's tail or the tale of the mermaid? Love it love it love it. What talent. The puffin is really perfect...guess we don't know what we can do til we try it eh? Oh and believe me I do much more than sew here :-).....but maybe alterations cant include life changes too [and I don't charge for those] :-)
A x
ps word verification....bilit :-)

Anonymous said...


Clare *Littlebear* said...

Wow, Twiglet, you mermaid is amazing! You are very talented.I love your puffin too.
Hugs, Clare x

bayou said...

Twiglet, you made my day! I had a good laugh about your mermaid tale and your husband. Pity, you did not get a photograph of his face at the moment when you proposed to take the top off -rofl.
Fantastic outfit! A bit difficult for a party with dance afterwards, but great for a swim! You are an artist!

tammykingdon said...

That tail is fab! My daughter is obsessed with "merrymaids" as called in old Cornwall, can't wait to show it to her- I feel a sewing spree coming on.....

The Inky Minx said...

Oh this post made me giggle.. typical man eh! lol
Your tail is just awsome, you should be so proud, and i just love your felt puffin, he's awsome

Gerry said...

It's hard to believe this isn't the real thing, twiglet ! ! !
You two work wonders.
I AM going to keep you in mind should I EVER need a mermaid. . . .

mckinkle said...

Oh wow youve got a fine fin there Twiglet!! Along with the real pins below, lovely slender legs, mine look like an oak tree.

What a fab costume and I couldnt help but feel slightly sorry for your hubby in your tale !! lol :/

Your Puffin is just perfect, I cant believe its your first bird, it is just perfect!

How about trying a fine peacock? Just think of the fab colours in his tail, Im sure your dumfing will be perfect for him! (yeah, I say him coz he's all show!)

Ladies of many talents you two sisters, how great is that!

Keryn x

Julia Dunnit said...

How utterly fab is that! A wonderful, inspired piece of sewing - I hope it makes the mermaid a very happy gal. Gsh, love the puffin too - amazing me again that you dumf so specifically!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh the mermaid's tail is fabby :) clever you :) Puffin is also fabulous :)
Anne xx

Felted House said...

I can't believe you have dumfed such a fantastic puffin - he's gorgeous and so detailed - I'd never have thought of birds. I think a Robin should follow at some stage, even if slightly unseasonal, since I know Wipso loves them, and they are colourful too.
OH and son no. 2 both looked up at me just now as I laughed out loud at the mermaid photography story! That tail is brilliant too, although looks like once you've got it on you can only hop!

Paula Gale said...

that fish tail really is something else... Its ab fab!!!

The puffin (had to laugh at you saying you were going to dumf a puffin) is just brill - Also I need to tell you that although i'm commenting on Sunday night (I'm catching up with proper blog hopping)... I had a dream about puffins last night which feels so bizzaire like you've broke my dream - even if you did post this before I dreamt about them (oo er missus)...

P.s. that poem was inspired - you two are amazing... I can imagine the fun you had doing it, although i have heard the tale from the horses mouth!!!

Paula x x x x

Paula Gale said...

I just need to add that if i had tried that tail on - i'd have done something stupid like try to move and then probably broke my neck LOL... also, further though - someone here mentioned dumfing a robin... that i would have to buy cos i think my Dad has come back as a robin... wherever I go I tend to see a robin... makes me feel better anyway!!!

Paula x x x

word verification - ealumb - wonder if you can get them to give rude words out - that would be soooo funny!!!

Calico Kate said...

Mermaid tail is AMAZING! Divine intervention indeed.
And that's MY puffin!!