Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Just a cheery little "dumfed" daffodil picture to brighten this cold, wet and windy Good Friday.

The view from my window is more like winter than spring with grey clouds clinging to the hills and a bitter wind blowing sleety rain onto my freshly cleaned windows. (My window cleaner braved the elements and made a lovely job of them on Wednesday!)

Our weather will certainly spoil the weekend for all those folk who were hoping to have a few days away. No doubt all the hotels and guest houses on the coast will miss out on much needed trade this Easter.

We were hoping to garden for M. on her new little plot. We have loads of little cuttings, ready rooted, to transfer to her sloping back garden. They might have to wait until its warmer before we move them!

I promised to take some brownies for her, so that will keep me busy later. I may even pop a few mini-eggs on each one. I know it will add to the calories but a good run will sort that - (er I mean M. not me - don't be silly!!!)

Happy Easter everyone - hope you enjoy the weekend - whatever you decide to do.


Jasmine said...

Your daffodil is beautiful. I am always lown away y your felted poppy field too. Spectacular.

all kinds of everything said...

Your daffodil is wonderful!
I wish you a Happy Easter and sunny weather.

Jensters said...

I love your Daffodil and thanks for explaining dumfing i also have an embellisher and will be doing some dumfing

Wipso said...

Love your daffodil...but of course I have my own that you made for me to brighten up my day :-)
Happy Easter to you too :-)
A x

Fire Byrd said...

You and Wispo are so clever, these little pictures and broches are lovely.
I'm spending time here, the dog is looking forlorn cause the rain is pouring and I'm awaiting a break in the clouds for half an hour!

BumbleVee said...

Happy EAster..... we are sunny and blue....wooohoooo.. oh, sorry...didn't mean to chortle... but, it's nice to have sun don'tcha think?

Kathy said...

Love the daffies - it's just beautiful. Enjoy the w/e, lets hope the weather picks up a bit - they're saying Sunday should be ok

mckinkle said...

Lovely dumfling indeed! So bright and cheery, just what we all need to see!

Well, Id beat Eddie Izzard's mega marathon runs if I had to run off all of the badness I eat?! :/

Keryn x

mckinkle said...

hi, thanks for your lovely comments about his painting!

Is there word verification on my page too? I didnt know that if it is!

Keryn x

Paula Gale said...

This is a lovely daffodil - you're so good at making daffodils... I love the ones on my notebook that i now have in my bedroom (hands off everyone else in the house - its mine)!!!

Anyway, have an award on my blog for you Jo... please feel free to collect anytime

Paula x x x

Felted House said...

Daffodils are so very cheerful with their heads nodding about in the breeze (or gale force winds sometimes), and yours is beautiful. Happy Easter to you too xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Beautiful dumfed daffs :) Try saying that when you've had a few hehe
Anne xx