Wednesday, 9 October 2019


This week I have been mostly knitting little fairies.
I always say that I won't order more wool - I am sure I have plenty of scraps for little fairies.
Then, I decide a bit of something sparkly would be good - so now I am waiting for some bright glittery yarns to arrive!

The pattern is by Wendy Phillips - I ordered mine on Lovecrafts - "Ten tiny fairies"

I think Ben's little friends will love them.

I'm not sure how much knitting I shall do this week.
I think I pulled a muscle in my back today (I blame a heavy vacuum cleaner).
So I might just have to chill out with my feet up - ha ha - like that's likely.

Hope you are all well.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


It's a brighter Autumn day here today.
Yesterday was wet and windy so you can imagine how lovely it was to receive a little bit of Australian sunshine through the post!...….

Thanks Shaz for my lovely little parcel!

Ben will be here later to open his little gift and I am sure he will love the Aussie wrapping paper too.

The little card is beautiful and my handy shopper will come in very useful.

I have Tilly coming to wet felt today so she will love to know how much you enjoyed her little sheepy picture etc. It's fun to see her artwork spreading across the globe!

Well, I must dash. I am sitting here with wet hair so must get organised before she arrives.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


 Well, we had one happy little birthday boy over the weekend.
He loved his Robot Wars cake which I placed on a large foiled tray surrounded by his extra robot models.
Below is the one metre tall robot box model that I made for a bean bag game at his party.
As you can imagine, the little ones loved it and spent ages throwing bean bags into his basket and seeing who could score the most.

 In my free time (lol - and not much of that last week) I finished two twiddle mitts - my farm mitt and a Shrewsbury Town football mitt.

So that's it for this week.

NOW - just a little heads up on a date for your diary in case you missed seeing it on Annie's blog last week.....
Due to popular request, Annie and I have booked our local community hall again for the 2020 crop.

So...Saturday June 6th is the date - we hope you can make it. We had such a lovely day for CROP10 so I hope we can get lots of happy WOYWWers together for another great day.
More details nearer the time!

Thanks for calling by - see you round the desks later.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


This week I shall be mostly baking and decorating a certain little boy's birthday cake.
He says he wants a  "Robot Wars" cake so that should be fun!
We did the preliminary sketches together.....

His idea

My idea
I think Ben has a bit more creativity in his ideas and I'm the one trying to put it into icing and decorating! I'm hoping some of his little robots will fit on top of it as it's not going to be the size of a table top as Ben has planned it!!

My only crafty activity other than cake planning has been finishing off my latest seaside twiddle mitt.

My next one has a farming theme...

I think I have a big robot model to make this week so I won't have much spare crafty time for my own stuff (nothing new there then!)

Have a great week.
Thanks for calling by.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


Tilly is busy wet felting in my kitchen today.
I love her fluff creations - gorgeous colours and textures all laid out ready to felt.

I have been sorting pictures ready to photograph for her website and Etsy shops.
She is also hoping she might get a cancellation table at Shropshire Leisure Christmas craft fair so will need lots more stock if she manages that!

My little job this morning was using some left over bunting flags to make a quick string to hang across the front of a little outdoor playhouse for my friend's Granddaughters. I think they will love this pinky bunting don't you?

Short and sweet today. I thought life might be quieter now Ben is at school but I seem to get busier!!

Thanks for calling by.
Have a good week.
xx Jo

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


Well, according to Max, Ben went off to school looking smart and feeling happy!
So that's another milestone passed successfully.
I hope he is just as happy next week when he will be there all day, 5 days a week!

I guess once Max gets her routines sorted out we will be back to a few Tilly Tea Dance crafting/organising sessions.
I will look forward to that - this week I am catching up on the necessary jobs - cleaning windows, sorting and dusting. ( Don't worry - this urge doesn't last long!)

I had a really busy week last week.
I took down Tilly's exhibition and got all the left overs sorted and ready for their new homes.
She did really well and had some lovely feedback from folk so it was well worth the effort.

I did manage to finish off a little twiddle mitt.

And, a kind friend gave me all these little items to trim up some more twiddle mitts so I will get going again now that the weather is a bit cooler for knitting!

Have a great week.
Thanks for calling by and leaving lovely comments too.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 28 August 2019


Yes, back to school time for Nanny!

This week I have been busy with all sorts of necessary little jobs like shortening trousers and making 2 bags for Ben. The left hand one is made from a T shirt collected by Max after doing a 10K run. Quite appropriate little logo for his PE bag I thought.
The other bag is for his out door wear for forest school etc.

All good fun!

I am late posting today - I just seem to be a bit busy.
I spent most of yesterday taking down the Tilly Tea Dance exhibition and sorting all the pictures etc into the right places ready for their next purpose. I am sure she will be pleased at the result when she returns from her hols.

So, short and sweet today.
It's cooler and raining at the moment so I will catch up with a few jobs before meeting up with friends in Ruthin tomorrow.

Have a good week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


How can this be possible....

I have jars and jars of buttons - thousands, I am sure.
AND yet, I only need 4 that would either match or look good together on this 6 month size chunky jacket that I have just finished.

Guess what.....

I am going to have to buy 4 more to complete my task!
It's not a problem but ridiculous all the same.
I was hoping to find a blue, red, yellow and green to match the flecks in the wool or 4 matching denim blue ones.

So, that's what's on my table today.
Now I will visit my WOYWW friends and see what's on theirs.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 14 August 2019


Well … not exactly my desk but I know Shaz in Oz will be so glad to see my post this week!

This little package arrived in the post today... check out the post date...23rd May!!
I think maybe it's flown by it's own power from Australia as it has taken two and a half months to arrive.
So, better late than never Shaz. I will be forwarding them on this week. Your little card is gorgeous and the message inside so very thoughtful. Thanks lots.

Apologies for not managing to show my desk last week - time flew by and I had a very busy week helping Tilly with mounting and finishing.
This week will be much the same so I have written this post today, Monday, ready for Wednesday - I hope that makes sense!

Thanks for calling by.

See you at your desks later.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Just a quick post before I take up my Nanny duties today.
We had a busy day yesterday too, finishing off an order for North Yorkshire and while Max beetled away, Ben and I made pizza!

On my table today is a little card that I made on Saturday - YES - I actually found time for a crafty session in my sewing room. It is for my friend's new grandson. It's just a little collage with some free machined lettering for the name.

So, that's it short and sweet.
Hope all is well with our WOYWW friends around the globe.
Thanks for calling by.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 24 July 2019


Well, what a lovely day we had yesterday!
Margaret (glitterandglue) and Annie(Wipso) called here. We had coffee and cakes followed by a quick trip over to Dobbies for lunch. Wow was it hot - Margaret's car said 36 degrees!

It was lovely to catch up with her and weather permitting we are going on a little drive over to Powis Castle on Saturday.
I just wish we had asked our "family photographer" to take a snap of the three of us.

My table has been loaded up with Ben's school uniform as I have been sewing in name labels.
BUT today it looks like this as I have a day out, so nothing will be happening here today.

I hope you are keeping cool but enjoying the Summer nevertheless.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 17 July 2019


This is the reason that I am not at my workdesk today.....

In just over a week, I have mounted, labelled, numbered and catalogued over a hundred items.
There are pictures large and small, cards, pendants, bookmarks, coasters and prints.

Today Max will be taking it all down to Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre at Craven Arms and displaying it in their gallery.

Of course, mine is a fun day as Ben will be here to entertain me!

Have a great week everyone.

xx Jo

Friday, 12 July 2019

Friday Smile

Just one for you Annie!
This is my Happy Birthday Clematis that you gave me.
Isn't it gorgeous.
Thanks lots.

The others are a delight for the bees at the moment. Hebe and lavender.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


It is that time again!
I have been busy putting together little inspiration packs for Max to give out on her Tilly Tea Dance workshops. They are very popular so this time I have made 60.

I love sorting through all the lovely bags of "fluff" and yarns to coordinate these little gifts.
It does tend to take over my sewing space until I eventually get them into little cellophane bags.
AND then, I even had time for a bit of yarn dyeing this week.
These worked well and will be useful for some of Tilly's backgrounds.

She has an exhibition starting next week at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms so, we will be busy putting a collection of her pictures together this week.

So, that's my craftiness for this week - see you for another trip around the WOYWW desks next week!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 3 July 2019


Guess who has been busy on my work table.

Tilly Tea Dance will be here with Ben later to finish off these little pieces.
I love the colours in her little sheep pictures.

We are busy sorting stock for all her local outlets and today she will be working in my kitchen wet felting more background pieces.
I will take a few photos to show you next week - I love what she does with just an array of coloured fluff!

Needless to say, I haven't had much crafty time at my work desk but I enjoy helping out with the "chores". and better still, Ben will be here today so we will have a bit of outdoor fun if the weather holds.
Well that's it for this week. I hope I manage to get around a few more desks this time. Apologies for not visiting many last week - I don't know where the time goes!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 26 June 2019


For all you button lovers out there!
I have been sorting through my buttons to add to the twiddle mitts that I have finished.
I bought a bucketful from Abakhan or Askaban as I keep calling it!
They were in big bargain bins and I sorted out as many big, shiny, colourful ones as I could find. They will be perfect to add a bit of glitz to my twiddle mitts.

The next batch are ready to go down to the dementia nurse at our local hospital. I have a stiff shoulder at the moment so haven't done much knitting. It's been a bit too warm and muggy anyway.  They certainly look a colourful bunch don't they!

I hope the weather hasn't caused too many problems where you are. We are heading for a heatwave now by the sound of it!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


My left over CROP 10 ATCs have been re-purposed into little dumfling cards. I just chopped off the text and mounted them on linen in a 3 fold card. They will make nice little Thank You cards I think.

These are few of Tilly Tea Dance's latest needle felted pictures that I have mounted and framed for her. She is having an exhibition at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, Craven Arms soon and is busy stocking up. These tiny ones are perfect for a little gift but she now needs to make a few large felted pictures.

My other little job is to stitch name labels on Ben's school uniform - I can't believe how fast the last 5 years have flown. He is really looking forward to going with all his pre-school buddies and has a couple of visits this month.

So that's it for this week.

Thanks Shaz for your ATC which came via Annie - I don't know how we missed out on the day!
I have put all my ATCs in a picture frame in my sewing room. They really are lovely.

See you next week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Here is my work desk all set up for a bit of brooch making action.
I have cut out and sewn on the pins ready to attach to the fronts when Tilly drops them off.

The lovely Julia pointed out the real purpose for the "giant paper clip" that I showed you last week.
It is, of course, a  clip on drinks holder. So here it is with my glass of fizz at the ready!
Not wanting to get too tiddly, I have also got a mug of coffee in case I need sobering up!

The little bars of choc etc that came with my ATCs last week have also been munched in my sewing room - I can sneak up here and have a little work time treat. Thanks to all - they were much appreciated. My little lavender cushion is tucked into my fabric drawer so that I can admire it each time I delve in for fabric - thanks Elizabeth.

I am still awaiting a little parcel from Shaz in Oz who has posted a few ATCs. I think the journey from the Antipodes has foxed them this time - it seems a long time since Shaz posted them!

Short and sweet this week.

I will try and visit a few desks later.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Friday, 7 June 2019

Friday smile

I just thought you would like to see this gorgeous Clematis Josephine in all its glory.

It doesn't look so good after the overnight rain on Tuesday but has been stunning. 
It has about 40 blooms! 

Thanks Annie, I love it.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Saturday 1st June CROP 10

Well folks, I have to say, the day was all we hoped for and showed the true spirit of WOYWW!

The sun shone, Shrewsbury was at it's best and 21 WOYWWers turned up to enjoy the day.
As you can imagine, the two terrible sisters were a bit pre-occupied with the smooth running of the event so didn't have enough time to socialise (or craft) but that didn't matter. We were surrounded by lovely friends who, hopefully, had a great day.

You will see from the only photos I had time to take that my focus was the food table - lol. Nothing new there, I hear Annie say. Sarah kindly "pretended" to be first in the queue!!!

There was such a huge generosity from all that we raised a wonderful amount to go to Alzheimer research. Tables were laden with raffle prizes and donations of fab crafty bits and bobs. Thanks to all for that - it was brilliant.
Here are a few snaps of the items I came home with.....

A few items thoughtfully brought along by Neet and Chris with us in mind.

A giant paper clip and yarn, my raffle prizes.

Thank you for all my beautiful ATCs and gifts - you really are a talented bunch.

AND last but not least....

This is the beautiful framed piece of artwork that Julia gave to us for hosting the event. Such a kind thought and much appreciated - a perfect gift for us both and we will hang them in our sewing rooms as a reminder of a fabulous day with everyone. Thanks lots.

Rumour has it that we might be tempted to repeat the event next year so, watch this space!

Now if you didn't pick up one of my ATCs on Saturday, or if you would like me to send one to you, email me with your details and I will sort it. First come first served as I only have these 10 left.

 So - here's to the next 10 years of WOYWW.

See you next week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

WOYWW CROP 10 week!

Well only 3 sleeps until our WOYWW CROP 10 get together!
We are looking forward to meeting up with everyone and I promise we will take a few photos and share them next week so those of you who can't make it can join in the fun.

I couldn't resist taking this photo and thought today would be a good day to share it.
Don't they look lovely all together in a big group!

I know it's an idea I have used before but, no two pictures are the same and I had lot's of fun making them.
I will take them all to the crop and then share the remainder next week. I know Shaz in Oz will be getting one so I will post mine and anyone else who is sending to her can pop them in my envelope at the crop if you wish. (Shaz in Oz - I hope that leg is healing well by now!)

Diana (velvetmoth) was my PIF so I parcelled up one of my little dumflings for her. Very kindly she sent me this gorgeous ATC and lovely bits and bobs. What a lovely bunch of crafty buddies our WOYWWers are!

I might just have to have a go with the pretty items and see what I can come up with. As you know, I am not a paper crafter but, I feel inspired to try as Diana's artwork is always so beautiful.

So, that's it for this week.

See you soon!!

xx Jo

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Ten years of WOYWW!

Well I'm not sure where those years have flown to but I am glad that I have been around to share in the fun, friendship and frivolity of our little Wednesday crafty get together!

CROP 10 on June 1st will be a good day to celebrate the anniversary - if you haven't signed up yet, please let us know this week as we need numbers for food etc.

Now I know you will all be dressing up to the nines for CROP 10 BUT please can you not wear stilettoes as the hall has banned them!!! (I doubt many would be wanting to, but, just in case, I thought I should mention it). Dress code - casual, of course.

We are all looking forward to meeting up and it will be lovely to see friends old and new.

So, here is a photo of one of my CROP 10 ATCs. Well it's a tad bigger than an ATC but that is because I wanted to frame a few. I shall be posting one to my PIF and the rest I will save until CROP 10. If I have any left, I will happily send them to anyone who wants one so, I will save them and put on my post for Weds June 5th.

A huge thank you to Julia for starting the fun that is WOYWW and to her back up team too - you know who you are - Jan! We all really appreciate the effort that you have put into keeping the whole thing going and it's really lovely to think that such a simple idea has brought so much love and friendship into so many crafty lives.

Here's to many more happy WOYWWs.

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Firstly, thanks for all your replies about food for the crop. I am sure we can cope with any that have come in so far - don't forget to let me know if you haven't already done so.
June 1st is getting closer! I hope we manage a lovely sunny day like we have had for the last few days - it has been glorious hasn't it.

We spent a few days in Llandudno and it couldn't have been better.

Bodnant was stunning, although the laburnum arch wasn't quite out yet.

Llandudno Great Orme tram ride took us to the top to see the most lovely views around the coast.
In the walled garden of Penryn Castle the thrushes sang their hearts out, providing a stunning, tuneful background to such a lovely spot. I can't say the same for the "castle". It has an amazing view across to the coast and Snowdonia but I found the inside quite oppressive even though it had some fascinating details and excellent guides.
I thought you might like to see a few photos....

My desk has seen little action - except for a tiny bit of finishing off work on my ATCs.

I will be taking them to the crop for anyone there who would like one, and, of course, there will be one for my "pay it forward" buddy as described in Julia's post here.

Have a great week.
See you soon.

xx Jo