Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Whats on my work desk Wednesday.

Well today I was going to help Wipso with curtains, but its SNOWING again!! It doesn't seem to be settling much so hopefully it will stop and then I will risk the 20 minute journey over the hill and down the valley!

So a quick sorting and listing job is what I have put out on my table today.

My daughter M was a great card maker - whilst a student and before she moved down here to a very time consuming job. Somehow, in the move, I inherited all her card making goodies.

At one time she created little packs of paper,trimmings and other embellishments, all colour co-ordinated and called them her "Fancy Bitz Kitz" and her "Fancy Card & Paper Pack".

They are really neat and I am sure anyone who just wanted to make a card for a special occasion and who doesn't have a great stock of stuff, might like them.

So I will sort them out and put them in our blog shop.
Maybe the brilliant card makers amongst you might tell me what you think of the Fancy Bitz Kitz - good idea or not?

Well, that's just one little job for today. Hope it stops snowing soon because sorting and tidying is not my favourite job and I really wanted to get together with Wipso for some fun and laughter - oh and of course to grovel on the floor beneath her feet whilst cutting curtains!!!

How about you? Go over to Julia's blog and join in the fun - 'What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday'


Wipso said...

Glad to see you know your place in this world :-)
Snow? What snow? The sun shines on the righteous :-)
Hope to see you soon. I could do with a giggle.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm not a kit buyer, but I know a lot of people love 'em, and the colour co-ordination you've got going on there makes them a sight for sore eyes! Have a fun day with Wipso..if you get there, be sure you can get back!

Jude said...

Good luck with the card kits..they'd go down a storm here.
Snow in Wales? never! Have they opened the Horseshoe Pass yet?
Take care

Shelly said...

That's a great idea for your shop. I'm trying to more card's such a good way to be creative, plus you get to give them to the people you love....Shelly

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Sam said...

As Julia says - I don't buy kits, but I do think that those that don't make cards very often would love the coordinated kits - especially as it takes the effort out of working out what goes with what!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Sounds like a great journey on a nice day 'over the hill and down the valley' :) Think just the first bit applies to me 'over the hill' hehee
Well we had snow yesterday then it froze, lovely blue sky and sun this morning and early afternoon, then started snowing again! - so no linedancing for me tonight! the Fancy Bitz Kitz are a great idea ;)
Anne xx

Crafty Chris said...

Brill idea, thanks for stopping by, love the notebooks lovely colours. Christine x

Paula Gale said...

I love the little card making kits - maybe you shoud have a feature whereby people post what they have made with them. That would be good.

Paula x x x

Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love all kinds of felting so there is a wide variety that I've done over the past several years on my blog. Have you checked out the Felting Forum?

Have a great day!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Twiglet. Hope you get the books you are after and enjoy them as much as I have been. I got my first batch of recycled sari silk from a specialist wool shop here called Twist Fibre Studios. It was sold as a hank with strands of all the different colours knotted together so they could be 'knitted' with. The second lot I was given so I don't know where it came from. Must ask my friend where she got it.

Wipso said...

I have given you a special award [of course].....noone deserves it more than you :-)
Pop over to my blog to check it out
A x

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love the card kits even though I don't really make cards, I like the idea of them 'cos I'm quite lazy! I have been drooling over the lovely things on your blog :)
P.S. Hope you got over the hill and down the valley!

Anonymous said...

The card kits are a great idea and they;ve been really well colour co-ordinated. I like Paula's idea of having people show you what they make with them. Hope the snow didn't stick long, we're currently under a winter storm warning with 8" - 10" expected by lunchtime tomorrow!