Monday, 15 February 2010

Much Wenlock and its woolly wonderland.

We were on a search for some wool for knitting and for "dumfing".
Last year we called into a super little shop called Ippikin in Much Wenlock and loved the range of textured wools and yarns they had in their tiny Alladin's cave of a wool shop.
So, with an hour to spare on Saturday afternoon, Wipso and I took ourselves over there so that we could stock up.

Much Wenlock is a quaint, little place. We parked just a stone's throw away from the High Street, with its beautiful Elizabethan buildings. Ippikin is next door to this magnificent property.

We must have spent about 45 minutes deliberating over the goods. Gorgeous, richly coloured wools and fabulous silk yarns called to us from the shelves.

A very helpful shop owner pointed us in the direction of the wools we wanted and the bargain bin too. HE was so well informed, we even asked if he too was a knitter! Actually he wasn't but certainly knew a lot about the stock.
I came away with some Crofter wool in pinks and purples to knit a cardy for my great nieces. Wipso came away with wool for dumfing her flower pictures.
Of course then we had to check out the coffee and cake at the tea shop nearby followed by a quick tour of the art gallery. Sadly, no textile work in there. I wonder if we should offer them some!!!!


Julia Dunnit said...

Yes, I think the Gallery would benefir enormously from a handful of your canvas creations. Much Wenlock sounds and looks beautiful - nice to have a browse and a cuppa out, huh!

Felted House said...

People have told me about Much Wenlock - sadly a bit too far to get to for me at this stage of life, but in the future I hope to visit. You should certainly offer some of your textiles to the Gallery! xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good day out - it's a beautiful part of the country - we were there years ago, I'd love to go back!

tammykingdon said...

What fantastic place and shop names - it sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale - what a pleasant way to spend an afternoon!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh I like the sound of that shop -I love a good rummage round fabric, wool and all related stuff :) Think I'd have been there longer than 45 minutes ;)
Anne xx

Paula Gale said...

Much Wenlock sounds like a place where they'd make a TV crime series - a bit like midsomer murders... but i bet it's more quaint than that and the biggest thing that has happened is something like the postoffice closing 5 minutes too early!!!

It looks like it could have some really lovely coffee and tea shops - with cream buns of course.

I note the tudor(ish) style buildings - Chesterfield has some of these original buildings still standing in the town centre, however it is more famous for the crooked spire - have you ever been?

I bet you two have a ball when you're out together.

Paula x x x