Thursday, 4 February 2010

Kreativ blogger award.

Well thanks for this Wipso - I know I am creative but not sure I am a creative blogger!!

I guess we all love recognition of one sort or another and looking back at others who have this award I would say its well deserved.

Wipso received hers from Now Sara really is a creative blogger in every sense. Her work is beautiful and she creates some amazing blogs with art, word and sentiments.

Of course it goes without saying that Wipso also has a brilliant blog and keeps us entertained with her "day in a life of a sewing mistress" activity!

For this award Wipso says I must list 7 interesting things about myself and then pass on this award to 7 other deserved bloggers. So if you've been nominated in this post and want to play, here are the guidelines:

Thank the person who gave you the award
Place the logo on your blog
Link to the person who nominated you
Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs
Send a message to let them know they've been nominated

Things about me that you might find interesting.....

I once played the part of the Hungry Caterpillar in front of 100 infants and staff - emerging as a butterfly from behind the scenery in a quilted body warmer complete with flapping wings - resulting in oohs and aahs from the little ones, bless them and probably wet knickers from the staff who could barely contain their mirth!!!!

I have stood on the top of Great Gable in the Lake District and seen the Isle of Man in an azure sea.

I have taken aerial photos of Whitby and the Yorkshire coast.

I have reared tadpoles and released them into the wild life pond as baby froglets.

My grandma lived to be 100 - so, if I follow in her footsteps I am only just over half way there!!!

I have chosen just 4 bloggers.

They are all very talented crafty folk who have created inspirational blogs and if they don't already have this award they certainly deserve it!


PG said...

Thank you so very much! I am afraid that I am so tied up with work that I have little time for anything else, let alone blogging, but I'll try to update soon!

Wipso said...

You call yourself a teacher? If I can count thats only 5 interesting things about you :-)
You always say you are rather like a butterfly fluttering from one activity to another and now we know why :-)
A x

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Hey, you! I just fell of my chair blushing... thank you hun!!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Oh the image of a human butterfly with a quilted body warmer for a body is priceless! Love it.

Thanks for the award : )

BumbleVee said...

thanks for this.... I always find it strange to try to do these awards.... I feel weird listing things about me...prefer to leak tidbits in a post instead...if folks are really reading they will see them... if not... so be it... and then having to pass it on... I feel badly if I don't give it to everybody ...

Sweet Pea said...

Thanks for the award - it's very heart warming. I will try to find some time next week to pass it on :)