Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Unravelling my WOYWW!

Today my work desk has been cleared and room tidied. I am having a break from sewing and "dumfing". This week I have been knitting. It all started really well. I made two gorgeous litle lilac shrugs for my great niece and her baby sister who should arrive mid April.

Then we had our visist to Much Wenlock ( see previous blog) and I bought a great little pattern and wool.

I decided to practise the pattern with remnants and knit the smallest size for the new babe.

Now, I can knit but I am not a brilliant knitter and fancy stuff takes a little while for me to master! The frilly bit on the bottom of this cardy was unravelled 4 times on Sunday!!!

Eventually it dawned on me that, if I start on a sleeve and master the pattern there - then I would only be unravelling 35 stitches instead of 122. I know! Common sense! Planning and forethought and all that!!! I just assumed I would be able to do it and then got frustrated when I couldn't, so common sense went out of the window.

Well, as you can see, I have managed it. It needs the final touches and I think it will be lovely.
The wool on the right is Crofter. I am planning to use that next.

Having just read Wipso's blog and seen all her neat and tidy shelves I thought I would swing round and show you one of mine. Nowhere near as organised as Wipso but I know where everything is so thats OK.

Now I am going to sort out a couple of extra prizes to add to our ever growing giveaway. Don't forget to join in - this week is the last week.
Oh and I will pop over and see what Julia and the rest have on their WOYWW.
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I do like the colour and the way the stem to the flower is worked in is a brilliant idea. Well done you and we all have to unravel bits sometimes!

Wipso said...

I can say little P just loved her shrug and was happy to put the one for her little sister over her mummy's tummy cos she knows that's where she is tucked up in the warm for now :-)
A x

tammykingdon said...

You finished the carid that you started at the weekend? I'm jealous of your knitting speed!

bayou said...

Twiglet, I am seriously impressed of all what you can do! You have really great ideas.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ah lovely little cardi, I'd love to see the shrugs too. About the unravelling, think we all do things like that LOL Lots of storage there Twiglet ;)
Anne xx

Carmen said...

It is gorgeous though, so worth all that effort. And your shelves are so much tidier than mine *g*

Yvonne said...

Oh looking good, so glad thedumfing is at a halt this week ( did make me LOL last week) ]
But very tidy I must say.. just reading "wipso's" comment, how sweet!
Love the baby stuff you are working on , so cute!

Anonymous said...

Lovely little cardi very pretty. My knitting "skills" are so appalling that I ended up pulling out three rows of a plain old dishcloth the other night! Great storage, there's been some serious shoe buying going on in your house! I'll be round to browse through your books right after I've finished with your lovely sisters.... might be a while, but I'll definitely pass on the Noel Edmonds one!


Julia said...

hello Twiglet

What a lovely, cosy little blog you have here, the photos are lovely and Ive just been admiring your knitting!! I have to confess to being a master unraveller of crochet myself - ha! I have lost count of the times Ive got carried away on a project only to realise too late that Ive cocked up and the whole lot has to be undone!

Its lovely of you to visit my blog, and I would be delighted if you would include me in your giveaway, thank you for the invitation to join in!

Sending much love
Julia x x x

all kinds of everything said...

Great knitting! Love the colour!
The little flowers are so cute!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh a beauty of a cardi - it wouldn't have made it to finished if I'd had to unpick it 4 times, good for you! Like the look of your shelves, have been squinting at the titles!

Paula Gale said...

I used to use shoe boxes for storing all my stuff - so can identify with your storage solutions! You are so multi-talented - knitting? I can manage a scarf - and they never end up with the same number of stitches they start with!!!

Spied a jar of sweeties and some lovely books I'd love to flick through.


Paula x x x

Susie Sugar said...

Oh your nice and neat I should pop over to learn some organization skills from you I usless
I have a bad habit on not putting "stuff" away after use I see you don't have my problem !! lol
Hugs Susie xx

Lynne said...

You are clever, finished already? I'm not a great knitter and it always takes me ages to finish anything.
Yours looks ever so sweet.

Sam said...

what's a bird guide doing in amongst your crafty books!?