Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Whats on my workdesk Wednesday.

Today I am mostly going to be Dumfing!

Wipso has explained it perfectly in her blog "A stitch in time" so pop over and see how she dumfs so beautifully!
If you need more info then check my older posts here

On my desk you will see my embellisher, my sewing machine and my stash of dumfing goodies. All sorts of fabrics, threads, yarns etc can be dumfed so I usually choose a colour scheme and a base fabric first and then just experiment.

In the front of the photo you will see my "here's one I made earlier" samples. Being an ex - infants teacher I always like to have an example to look at before starting. My class use to love the little practice pieces which I made prior to starting a new craft project (as you can imagine - we enjoyed all sorts of art and craft in our school!)

So my samples are just two experiments that I made before Christmas. The pink one was so successful that I made a larger version and framed it for my daughter's new bedroom and Santa put it in her sack.

The other sample was dumfed and then embellished with beads and embroidery. I make most of my little experiments into cards. Lots of friends had a little pack of them from Santa!

Today I am working on a piece of white felt using pinks/lilacs/purples - Wipso's favourite colours. We haven't had our usual "fun day Monday" this week so will have a lot of catching up to do when we get together. Its like my infant school "show and tell". She shows me all her wonderful creations and skillful alterations and repairs and then I show her whatever I have been experimenting with. Much laughter - oohs and aahs later we get round to more crafting. Its great therapy and I would recommend anyone who has a pal with similar interests getting together on a regular basis for "creative therapy ".
Well thats my second WOWW blog so I will pop over and see what Julia's desk holds for today - check it out if you want to join in.


Wipso said...

I have to second all big sister's comments. Laughter is just the best therapy and I'm really missing mine this week. Let's hope the big freeze stops soon.
A x

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Twiglet,

I am also on my 2nd week of the WOYWW challenge so when I saw that this was your 2nd week too, I knew I wanted to pay you a visit!

You have a lovely workspace - and I share your passion for purple! Your creations are just gorgeous! I'll enjoy visiting you and your peaceful workspace in the future - hope you'll come visit mine too!

Ramona :-)

Linda Elbourne said...

Great workspace ... Thank you for sharing ... I had a lovely time :0)

Julia Dunnit said...

I go to a monthly crop for the same reason. It's my social life and I can't survive without a laugh. Your desk is tidy despite the stuff....I presume that occasionally you make a mess? LOVE the you sell em? Have you seen Etsy and the like?

Gerry said...

I notice a couple of our 20 minutes a dayers are using Emblellishing Machines. Haven't seen too many blogged about.

Kaz said...

Oh another dumfer!! I love what you've been making and both you and Annie make me want to get an embellisher. xx

Pam said...

your creations look fab, if this is just the practice can't wait to see the finished result. Hugs Pam

Chrissie said...

Your stuff looks wonderful, I love those colours and can only admire dumfing...I could never manage it I'm sure.
I think I used to have a table like yours. I think my son has it now.
I would love to be able to get together with a crafting buddy, but no-one that I know, lives close enough. Enjoy your time with Annie!