Thursday, 21 January 2010

20 minutes can stretch to hours!

20 Minuters

The idea was meant to challenge us to find time for 20 minutes creative activity each day. Well, I have managed to fit at least 20 minutes activity into my daily schedule but for some reason this week I have not felt very creative.

Anyway, I decided I would put a few photos on my blog, just to show that I have been busy.

This was a little "dumfling" heart brooch that I made before Christmas so I just popped it onto one of my new cards.

Valentine card/gift maybe?

The card on the right was a machine felted and machine embroidered card topper. The colours are much fresher than this photo.

This card reminded me of the English cottage garden pictures on hand embroidered cloths. I used a scrap of printed fabric and then embellished it with machine embroidery and free machine stitching.

So there we are - certainly a good 20 minutes each day and more but I think the snow has frozen my mojo!!

I am sure Wipso has had a much more creative week and I look forward to seeing it all tomorrow.


Wipso said...

You have to remember I have to work full time too but im rather pleased with the results of my 20 minuters and will blog it in the morning :-)

MarmaladeRose said...

I like all of those cards, I'd find it hard to choose between them.

Shelly said...

Love your cards...Love your technique...Love your work...Shelly

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Twiglet. I love your heart cards and the scroll embossed cards themselves. You have made me think once more about getting an embellisher - I am very tempted to get one. At present I prod away with a Clover tool which is a bit quicker than using a single needle! The little embellished pieces on your earlier post are so lovely. I will be back to see more delights!