Monday, 18 January 2010

Exciting Developments....

Our Fun Day Monday has been used wisely today. Our shop is slowly taking shape and the shelves are filling up nicely. Mrs Overall has dusted down the shelves and much giggling and squealing ensued as the little pocket bears and felties were popped on a shelf next to each other. Following a squabble amongst the puppets, the giggle of Iggies convinced Wipso to use their photo for the link to their shelf in the shop.
In the next day or so we hope to fill the gift, card and the picture shelves. We would love you to pop over to have a look so please use the link to Sisters Crafty Creations on the right of this blog. Please let us know what you think by leaving us a comment in the feedback blog at the top of the shop.
Thank you.



Twiglet, thanks so much for your lovely comments on both my blogs. I loved your haiku and want to wish you and Wipso good luck with your new venture ... go ... sell lots!

Carolyn xx

mountainear said...

Great idea - hope it goes well.