Sunday, 3 January 2010

Cheesy complaint!

Christmas table all complete
Four cheesy starters, such a treat.
Only breaded Camembert for three?
Sadly one had to settle for Dairylea!!!
Do you think my letter of complaint about a mouldy cheese will have more impact if I send it as a card complete with picture and poem to the cheese company??
Just a thought!


Lindsay said...

Definitely! We once complained to coca cola about a lorry that dropped and smashed it's load outside our house. About 2 weeks later a smart daimler car appeared in our drive and a chauffeur delivered crates and crates of coca cola! Our son, then aged 8, was thrilled!

Wipso said...

Aw...and I guess I know who had to have the cheesy triangle. I'm sure you will know someone who will have a template of the appropriate letter of complaint :-)
A x
ps word verification is fishi :-)

Felted House said...

Yes, I think you should send the whole lot! I once sent a poem to a toy company about missing arms in my Piglet kit ( I was a student at the time but needed a Piglet to go with my then-boyfriend-now-husband's Winnie the Pooh). I got a new kit plus a letter handwritten by the MD himself saying how much the staff had smiled. Let us know what happens!!