Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Is it a card or a brooch? - WOYWW

Well, I dumfed away with my embellisher and a bag of sari silk waste last week and created these tiny dumflings (another new word Wipso!!) I intended them to be a sort of card topper and I was just going to glue them to a decorated card. Then, as often happens - when I am wide awake at 4 in the morning - I had this brainwave of adding beads and some hand stitching and a little brooch back, thus turning them into rather unusual little brooches.
Then I found some white cards embossed with a curly design and just pinned each brooch onto the centre square. I think I shall pop each one in a tiny jiffy bag and then they will be ready to go onto the shelf in our new blog shop!

If you want to see all the gorgeous goodies that Wipso has been making, then follow the link on the right and head over to Sisters Crafty Creations. We had lots of fun setting it up on Fun Day Monday and just have a few more shelves to fill. We are planning a celebration "Give-away" once we have it all sorted, so do keep popping back to check us out.
Well, she is named Wipso for more reasons than you know - so before she cracks that whip and starts asking where all my little dumflings are - I had better get them sorted out ready for the shelf she has dusted ready!!

Have a great week - and all you lovely card makers out there - do let me know what you think about dumfling brooches on cards.


Wipso said...

I'm sat here chuckling now sis. I imagine they will all be thinking of me in my black basque and knee high boots now...scary thought eh?

Lawendula said...

Lovely stuff!
THanks for your comment, how did you find me?

silvercustard said...

love the embossing on those cards hun very lush!

Claire x

SueH said...

Oh Wow, those ‘dumflings’ look amazing.
They are great as embellishments on the cards but what a fab idea to make them into brooches.

Good luck to you both with the shop. Your both so creative and you deserve it to go well.


Lynne said...

Well I think they are superb, and they go so well with the cards.
Just popping over to see your shop now.

Linda Elbourne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those brooches ... bootiful X
Good Luck with the shop X

Jasmine said...

You have made some beautiful things. I love these broaches. i have a feeling your shop will be a big success.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

They're lovely and I think putting them on cards is a great idea - how wonderful to receive a card that's a gift as well :)
Anne xx

Rosie said...

For some reason I read that as "dumplings" ... think this diet is getting to me now! Love the brooches - I'd buy one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bold colours, they're fantastic. Good luck with the new shop too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

Those cards are absolutely lovely and the brooch idea is super!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh they're fab Twiglet, what a lovely way to give them too. And oooh, hairslides....

Pam said...

These look fab, can't wait to see what else you have in your new shop. Do you think you will have a picture of Wipso in her outfit on the front page:-) Hugs Pam x

Susie Sugar said...

Beautiful colours and a lovely desk
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Susie xx

Jacky said...

These are gorgeous... I would be wearing mine as a brooch, so funky!
Love what you are doing with the sari silk and felt.
I use a lot of sari silk in my collages and fabric work and love the look of that bag behind your work (can I ask where you buy your sari silk scraps from? I have been buying mine from Yarnahoy).

Thanks for popping by for a visit and pleased you like little Grunchen. The owl family is growing.