Friday, 1 January 2010

All things bright and beautiful!

I thought I would start the year with two things that made me smile this morning.

A crisp and frosty morning viewed from the warmth of my kitchen .

We have had snow on the hills but none down here where we are - just below the snow line!!

Only a few miles away, a few have been snowed in by drifted snow and some back lanes have had little salt and not seen a snow plough.

The flower is a most gorgeous Clivia - a bit like an Amaryllis. I have never had one before. This one was a gift from my next door neighbour and its really beautiful.

So - Happy New Year to all - thank you for reading my little blog and making such lovely comments.

Maybe I should start each blog with two things that made me smile - mmm now there's an idea!


Felted House said...

What beautiful things indeed, I am a bit jealous of your fantastic view!!
I've never seen a Clivia before but will certainly look out for one next year.
Happy New Year to you too xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Happy New Year Twiglet! Great way to start!

mountainear said...

Beautiful Clivia - a fellow blogger gave me a baby one and I'm still growing it on. Somewhere warm - we're above the snow line. Soooooooo cold up here.

And Happy New Year - hope it's a good 'un.

Wipso said...

Fab photos. Brilliant way to start the New Year. We will make it a great one :-)
A x