Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WOYWW - 4th anniversary

 Ta- ta ta ta ta ta - ta!!!
(Imagine trumpet fanfare)
Congratulations to Julia Queen of Snoop for the 4th anniversary of WOYWW.

Such a simple idea - to get a few crafters to show their desks each week- which has snowballed to nearly 200 crafters posting desk pics and chatting about crafting activities of many varieties each Wednesday.
We see tidy desks, messy desks, desks loaded with crafty bits and bobs and wonderful craft work made by the desk sharer.

So - to Julia and all the crafters who join in each week and then blog hop around as many desks as they can leaving comments and messages- thank you for making this little crafting group such a big success. So many happy friendships have grown up around WOYWW - even though we may never meet - we have shared all sorts of events and activities- and supported each other too.
Long may it last and a big thank you to all!!!!
 Above on my table is the crown pin cushion that I made for the first WOYWW anniversary, surrounded by a few of my WOYWW4 ATCs. I have already posted a few and saved one for my pass it forward to the next person on Mr Linky whoever that may be!!!

Below is the piece of white crazy quilting that I made last week.
I am quite pleased with it and think I might frame it. It is a 12 cm square, so quite small. It has hand stitches, beads and lace decorating the quilted together pieces.

 The other two pics are my latest car boot bargains.
Vintage linen - runners, table and tray cloths.
 Several pieces of pretty cotton prints - not sure what to do with them but I know I will think of something!!!

So that's it for this week.
Enjoy checking out the 4th anniversary workdesks - I will try and visit as many as possible.

x Jo


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Jo,
ah a great creative space today, wow love the white embroidery (would not call it crazy it is beautiful) definitely needs framing!!
If have you free atc will swap with you... they are all lovely - your work is really fab.. both you and Annie.. makes me often think should go back to my embroidery only never seems time..

Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy 4th anniversary of WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #37

Sandy said...

I would love one of your lovely embroidered ATC's if you have a spare one just email me at
I have joined in at WOYWW 60 times today wow what an awesome lot of information shared on a weekly desk hop.
Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary
Sandy :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ooooh, I love that white on white beautiful! But then you and Annie are stitches par excellence..... Your ATCs are really lovely, with such a lot of detail...thank you so much for mine :-)
I hope you have a really great day surfing the desks!
Happy 4th WOYWW!
Hugs, LLJ 9 xx

Annie said...

I so love that white embroidery's stunning.
Happy 4th Birthday celebrations and here's to many more. See you later #tra la la#
Annie x

Helen said...

oh my, that embroidery!! You and Annie are just so talented!! Happy WOYWW, have a lovely day. Helen 39

Rebecca said...

Hello!!! Lovely to meet you and visit your desk- I'm the name above you in the WOYWW list so that means you get my ATC, please email your snail mail address to so I can get it in the post to you ASAP,

Rebecca x

Anne said...

Hello Jo and many thanks for the lovely ATC yours will be on its way later today. The white embroidery on your desk today is beautiful. Happy WOYWW Love and hugs Anne x #84

KatzElbows said...

Your white quilt is gorgeous. I did a white collage once, and it was a celebration of texture, just as this is. And as for your beautiful ATCs, what can I say? They're stunning.

Happy anniversary,
Love Rachel, #48

Redanne said...

Hi Jo, your white embroidery is absolutely stunning, as are your ATCs. You and Annie are so very talented with your stitching. Nice things from the car boot too. Happy 4th WOYWW. Hugs, Anne x #62

Karen said...

OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What beautiful ATC's, I've never seen embroidered ones before, they are so gorgeous! Happy WOYWW! ♥ Karen ♥ 106 x

Kate said...

Beautiful ATCs, so much work goes into your sewing projects!

Happy Woyww 4th Birthday.


JoZart said...

Thank you so much for my lovely atc, saved untik today. As I said to Annie, you are both so very talented!
I agree with all you say about WOYWW and how lovely to be a part of it all.
Happy 4th anniversary!
Jo x
btw the front left fabric in the bottom pic is Liberty Tana lawn. Beautiful stuff!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Jo
I love your pretty ATC's and your other bits of work, lovely
Wishing you and everyone a Very Happy WOYWW today
Ria #49

sandra de said...

Gorgeous linen finds and I am sure you will do the most amazing things with the fabric. Thank you for the lovely ATC that has already arrived!! You are so organised ... I sit back in wonder. Have a lovely week.
Sandra @83

voodoo vixen said...

Oh my Jo, that white embroidery is gorgeous, and such lovely finds at the carboot too! I'm stalkign the postie... Annie's arrived yesterday just in time for the anniversary, I am amazed! Happy 4th WOYWW Anniversary! Annette #2

Neet said...

What a vision of loveliness you have on your blog today Jo. From the crown pincushion surrounded by gorgeous atc's to the beautiful white quilting to the treasures found at the car boot.
Thanks for sharing and glad my atc arrived.
Hugs, neet xx 1

Neesie said...

Oh my do you do that?
Your stitching and quilt is exquisite Jo ;D
I am in total awe as I can only just about manage to sew on a button!
Happy 4th WOYWW ~ have fun and thanks for visiting me earlier :D
Neesie #111

BumbleVee said...

You are always busy Jo.... love the white quilty bit and really crazy quilting isn't much different from what we are doing with the wrapping cloths is it? ....I don't know exactly how you attach the bits...but, how different can it be? ...

it should look amazing in a frame.... I recognize a bit of fabric in there ...the little top that has the holes in it's flowery part... I added some to my second block ... and am still deciding on what to put around it .... I see petals work well....
thanks again... V.

SueH said...

It’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

Loving your desk this week Jo, it’s always full of such pretty things and I’m just loving that piece of White quilting, it’s amazing. Thanks for your friendship and support over the years we’ve known each other ‘virtually’…..who knows one day we may be able to change that and meet.
And also, thank you so much for yet another beautiful ATC. I shall show it off in all its glory next week.

Enjoy your Wednesday snooping on this very special Day
Happy Crafting!
Sue @82

The Taming of the Glue said...

Your embroidery projects are fantastic. Love the crown you made for WOYWW1. Happy 4th anniversary. Pam#33

Sandy Leigh said...

Your work is gorgeous and I love your ATCs!!! So cool, showing what you made for the first anniversary. Happy WOYWW Fourth Anniversary! Sandy Leigh #78

Angelfish said...

Your ATCS and crazy patchwork look beautiful. Some brilliant car boot bargains too. Happy 4th anniversary xx

Fiona #153

susibee said...

I love your ATCs and your little quilt, you are very talented.

Happy WOYWW 4th anniversary. Susi #74

glitterandglue said...

Your work is so beautiful, Jo. Well done. More goodies from carboot sales - you do manage to find some fantastic things!
Have a GREAT week.
Margaret #70

Nan G said...

Hi Jo, beautiful pieces on your desk today. Love the white quilt and all the bead/lace work on it. pppssst... I'm so sorry I've lost your address for our ATC swap. Would you send it again, please. Big hugs, Happy WOYWW! Nan G #6
froggydesigns3 at yahoo dot com

Angie said...

Happy 4th ...what an amazing 4 years ...not quite sure where its gone though ...the only bad thing about woyww is that it speeds up time ...the good things are endless blog friends mean so much.
Your white quilting piece is gorgeous ...needs to be framed and up on your wall for all to see. xx71

Laura said...

Your work with white is just stunning :)

okienurse said...

love all the stuff you pick up at the car boot sales. We have garage sales here and I am seriously thinking about starting to go out looking and maybe I will find a few good deals like these. Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary. Have a great week. Vickie #14

Caro said...

Thank you so much for my ATC which arrived safely! It is gorgeous and I love your crazy quilting. Thanks for sharing. Have a very happy 4th WOYWW birthday. Caro x (#67)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that tiny piece of white crazy quilting twiglet. Yes, do frame it because white does tend to go a bit yellow if just left. It would look so pretty in a frame.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Jo, you know just how to sum it up. I love the patchwork piece, how pretty it is, deserves a frame. I can see this being the start of something!

Minxy said...

For 4 years now i've been dropping by,
To view some desks and see what I can spy,
Will it be a fabric, some stash or ATC,
whatever it is, thanks for sharing it,
Have a Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary

Hugz Minxy #60

Hettie said...

Hellooooo! Happy WOYWW Anniversary Jo. Love my lickle ATC you sent! Bootiful.
Love your white quilted piece too. Wonder what you are going to do with your vintage linen?? I have stacks of it here so looking for ideas!

Lisa-Jane said...

That white work is stunning! I didn't join in with the ATCs but seeing yours made me wish I got you in a swap for sure! I never tire or seeing people's creative spaces. Happy anniversary!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Sweet little pin cushion! You have copies of your previous anniversaries!! Linens and lace are hard to find here in Florida, even have trouble finding new in the stores, second hand stores, etc. So it is ok that I don't try and get too fancy, LOL. Hugs.

Kezzy said...

Hi Jo thank you so much for my ATC it's gorgeous, really awesome. I shall be sending out mine sometime tomorrow, sorry there late, I was really good and didn't open mine until this evening while doing my woyww post lol. Loving the crazy quilting, I guess being a stamper I would love to spray bright dylusion sprays all over it and add it to a canvas lol but it will look amazing as a quilt. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

mamapez5 said...

Your ATCs are beautiful Jo! Thanks for stopping by my blog.I shall have to make time to play with all those tile patterns, and they are just a few I selected from a much bigger file! I knew my maths and crafting would meet up one day. Have a great week. Kate x #44

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by while I slept last night. I am now reciprocating.

I love those vintage pieces. That's the kind of fabric/linens I look for when I go shopping, but sadly, I never find any.

Happy WOYWW4 from # 17.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Annie, happy 4th anniversary to you :) Lovely post - so many pretty things to look at. Love the ATCs and the white crazy patchwork is just stunning - an heirloom piece if every I saw one. Feet and legs been up most of the day and swelling starting to subside at last :) Hope you've had a lovely WOYWW, Elizabeth x #155

famfa said...

Gorgeous fabrics and finds. Love the crown pin cushion - very regal
Happy 4
Famfa 121

Tracy said...

Those ATCs look amazing! I shall look forward to receiving one :)
Tracy #55

VonnyK said...

Oh my goodness, that white embroidery
is so beautiful and those ATCs. You are so talented. Love that pin cushion.
Happy 4th WOYWW and have a great week.
Von #68

scrappymo! said...

What a gorgeous array of stitching! Your pincushion looks great too!

I think your freeform white on white quilting will look wondful in a frame!!!

peggy apl said...

i'm dropping by to say happy 4th WOYWW anniversary! i would love to swap an ATC with you if you still have some extras (or even if i have to wait!) Your projects are always gorgeous!
peggy aplSEEDS@11

Gill Edwards said...

that crown you made is amazing and so pretty.
Ive only just seen your comment about swapping ATC's if you have a spare one i'd love to please, but dont worry if im too late.

Happy WOYWW 4

Gill x #132

Anna said...

What lovely hand stitching!! Your ATC cards are beautiful!!!
Love the little snippet of the crazy quilt you showed. It will look beautiful in a frame!
Anna #138

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh I love your post, all the photos are great. Love the white crazy stitch piece. I have wanted to make a CRAZY Quilt for so long. I love old lace, embroidery pieces, and such. I put your ATC in the mail yesterday. I have received yours. So lovely, the stitched flowers and felting. And I like the poppy card. Have a great week, I'm taking a break from making rhubarb jam, pie and cobbler and it's still raining.

Cazzy said...

Happy WOYWW!
I love your ATCs, I take it they are ATCs, and your gorgeous pin cushion! There are some pretty fabrics here, and some very intricate work!

Cazzy x #177

akilli melek said...

that crown pin cushion is just a fab idea. love the dragonfly picture that you emailed me. going up to rachel house on tuesday so that Toots is settled before my op on wednesday.

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Twiglet - stunning ATC's so much love and time spent - am slowly getting to visit everyone this week - Happy 4th WOYWW Birthday... Mxx #137

Nikki said...

I've seen your stunning little ATC creations at a few other desks and love them all are little sewn artwork and so sweet to have added in the woyww :) Happy Late WOYWW4 hugs Nikki #145

Anonymous said...

Jo, I love the ATC you sent -- it is so cool. I'm not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination -- fabric phobia here -- so I do so enjoy seeing the work of people who are talented in that arena. Mine is on the way -- finally got to the PO on Saturday. Happiest of WOYWWs to you. ~ Laura (Bookworm)