Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chick day minus 2?

Presumably my hen pheasant knows she won't have much time to feed herself once the chicks hatch.
So, yesterday I spotted her under my bird feeder pecking up all the stray sunflower seeds and scraps.
Then she tucked herself back on the nest behind the Mahonia bush.
I think she would have struggled to keep dry overnight as we had torrential rain.
 Maybe that's why one of her eggs had stuck to her breast feathers!
She was carrying it round when she popped out to feed today.

She knew it was there as she kept shaking her feathers and even tried to preen herself.
Luckily it was still stuck securely to her feathers when she snuggled back on her nest five minutes later.

We think they just have a couple more days before they hatch - IF they hatch!

Watch this space....

x Jo


Di said...

I'm watchin', I'm watchin' - how eggsciting Jo :) Fingers crossed here.

Hugs, Di xx

Annie said...

Think we are all getting egg cited waiting for developments. She is maybe very attached to this one :-)
A x

Carol said...

Oh I am so glad she didn't drop her egg and break it.
Mr. & Mrs P. were here again today, I do hope they have a nest nearby and they bring their chicks to visit.
Carol xx

Hettie said...

How exciting Jo! I know how she must be feeling with the rain...my Girls look very cheesed off at being so wet!