Sunday, 19 May 2013

So cute - 8 chicks!

Empty nest syndrome!!!

(Click on pics to enlarge)
I just checked the eggs and only two hadn't hatched so there may have been 9 chicks but I only managed to count 8.
Mother Pheasant moved the chicks from the nest late afternoon yesterday.
Can you spot her - lurking under my Delphinium with all of the chicks under her wings!
This is the end of the garden nearest to the path round to the field.
I think she was hoping for an early morning getaway.

 At about 9 this morning I just happened to look out of my lounge window to see this.......
 They had followed their mum down the path to the lawn and set off round the edge toward the field.

Suddenly the tiny chicks scattered.
Can you see the huge bumblebee on the right - it gave them quite a fright - but I guess they had never seen anything so large and buzzy yet!!

 What a sensible mum to lead them down the flower border along the fence to the edge of the field.
 Can you spot her in the undergrowth at the edge of the garden waiting for them all to come to her?

 Once they were all together, she lead them under the wire fence (my dear hubby was whistling the tune to "The Great Escape" as this was happening!).
They seemed delighted to be able to roam and feed in the field.
She kept clucking to them and they all tucked under her wings if she bobbed down.
Now they are halfway down the field so I doubt we will see them again.
I always thought pheasants were silly birds but this one certainly knew what she was doing.
Job well done girl!

Thanks for all your comments - I am glad I am not totally bonkers and that others are just as fascinated by nature as I am.

x Jo


Lunch Lady Jan said...

This was far more enthral long than Made in Chelsea or the like!! Great pics, Jo...I love the one of them before the bee startled cute. Love your DH's sense of humour :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Blooming auto correct....enthralling...not enthral long!!!!

Di said...

How fabulous Jo! Thank you for sharing - Len just came into the craft room and peeked too, both of us going 'Aaaaaw'.

Well done for being such a safe haven.

Hugs, Di xx

Helen said...

How sweet, well done Ma Pheasant! Like the theme music....

Annie said...

Gorgeous pics Jo. I have a feeling nature could teach us a lot.
A x

Angie said...

How wonderful ...sorry they didn't stay with you longer ...the mum must know what she is doing ...isnt nature fantastic... thanks so much for sharing. xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for sharing all these great photos. Love the little group out for some fun. I hope life is good for them. I love nature and to have it in your backyard makes it all the more fun.

Anne said...

Oh wow Jo that's amazing. Nature is the best. Congratulations to all. Thanks for sharing as well. Anne x

Carol said...

Awwww, that is lovely. Really happy to see the little family setting off into the big world. Just brilliant. Hope they come back for a visit.
Caol xx

Hettie said...

Awwww! Well done Mrs Pheasant! I was watching some baby duckies on the canal as we were doing our Charity walk today. Sooo cute!

Morti said...

Love it - thanks for sharing such a delight with us all!

BumbleVee said...

hahhah....oh, what fun Jo...... I love nature and birds and things..... I'm glad so many survived so's a tough life being a baby in the wild....

mckinkle said...

Oh WOW Jo this is amazing and simply the best thing Ive seen for ages!

How wonderful to see Mother Nature in all of her Glory and a Mum and her gorgeous little chicks so close! Definitely something Id never have seen so thanks so much for sharing!

The tune of the Great Escape is now firmly in my head and I keep giggling at the vision of it happening!!

Keryn x

Sandy said...

Oh wow how wonderful that you saw them all hatch and pop on there way to the field. hope they come back to visit.
Sandy :)

Neet said...

I would have been feeling faint with excitement had I witnessed this. What a memorable set of photographs you have Jo. How lucky you are. A truly magnificent episode in the pheasant's life to witness.
So glad you have blogged it all from start to this.
hugs, Neet xcx

Gill Edwards said...

Oh Jo, they are gorgeous, i love hatching chicks, nature is wonderful isnt it

Spyder said...

This pictures are fabulous!

Nan G said...

Oh my a giant amongst them! Bzzzz :) Thanks for sharing its been a joy! Huhs

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous photos, Jan, and the chicks are adorable. I'm so surprised to see they all hatched successfully as mum bird did wander away a few times leaving the eggs to get cold as I remember. Anyway, I'm delighted with the very happy outcome and enjoyed the pic of them scattering for a bumble bee :) Elizabeth xx