Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday Smile - sunshine and colour!

Today I will let the colours of the last few sunny days bring a bit of colour to my blog for our Friday smile.....

A few double daffs from Sainsburys - so bright and cheery.

Vibrant orangey red Chaenomeles
 Bright orangey yellow Berberis

Bridal veil - some sort of Spirea I think.

  My Scimia has a mass of creamy white frothy blossom that has a lovely perfume when the sunshines on it.

A delicate creamy pink tulip

My own hen pheasant still keeping her eggs cosy beside my Mahonia bush.

If you want more Friday smiles then pop over to Annie's blog - A Stitch In Time.
I think she has been out in the Spring sunshine too!!

x Jo


Annie said...

Hehehe snap. Don't we think alike :-)
Gorgeous pics Jo.
A x

Gill Edwards said...

more lovely flowers and your cute hen pheasant, so looking forward to pics of the chicks later on.
Have a great week

Gill x

Angie said...

So many fantastic shrubs ..used to have a Mahonia and it just got a blight and died. I Love Skimmia ...thanks for sharing xx

Di said...

Wonderful photos Jo - and of course the lady pheasant really stole the show right at the end.

Have a super weekend!

Hugs, Di xx

fairy thoughts said...

there is something about spring flowers that makes you smile isn't there must be the lovely vibrant colours, great pics

Carol said...

Lovely photos, at last we have had some warm weather. Hope it comes back soon.
Our pheasants keep coming but don't know if they have a nest, if they do it isn't in our garden,perhaps Rosie the cat would put them off although they do tolerate each other on the patio.
Carol xx

Caro said...

I love all your gorgeous spring flower photos and of course your cute little pheasant. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#7)

Hettie said...

Great piccies Jo xx

Nan G said...

Oh I wish I could smell your flowers!

Neet said...

A lovely sunny smile from me (experiencing a dismal weather type day) up north. Thanks for bringing some sunshine via cyber space.
Flat Susan would love to visit you - have added your name to her itinerary - can you let me have your snail addie Jo.

Thanks a lot

Hugs, Neet xx

505whimsygirl said...

Beautiful!!!! I love the pheasant. Do you collect the feathers once they are shed (is that the right word)?