Friday, 17 May 2013

Finished by Friday - and a smile!!!!

I wanted a little mouse to go in the pocket of the tote bag for my latest LillyBo quilt.
So this afternoon I made one.....


But I knew there was a reason that I shouldn't have put an eye on the reverse side!!!!

He know looks like a very well blessed mouse!!
I used a waterproof pen to draw the eyes and nose so I guess I will have to make him a hat to make things right.

Pheasant update...
Further info on the net says the eggs may take 23 to 28 days to hatch.
So we are still waiting.
The hen pheasant popped out for a quick feed - twice today.
I see her from my kitchen window as she is grazing on the lawn.

I nipped over to her nest and took a quick photo of the 11 eggs.
Not a cracked egg in sight!!!!

Fingers crossed.
x Jo


Angie said...

Oh your mouse did make me giggle.
Wow ...11 eggs ...I do hope a few hatch for the poor mum.xx

Gill Edwards said...

oh you made me chuckcle Jo not just smile. Love that mouse and his 'endowment'
Ooh its eggciting waiting for the eggs to hatch isnt it.
Have a good week

Gill x

Annie said...

Hehehe that sure is one well blessed mouse you've got there Jo. Not sure a hat would cover it all :-)
Annie x

Caro said...

The mouse definitely made me chuckle! Gorgeous looking eggs there...fingers crossed indeed. Thanks for the smile. Caro x (#7)

Carol said...

Oh dear, what a cheeky mouse! Still giggling.
Didn't realise pheasant eggs took so long, hope they do hatch.
Thank you for the smile.
Carol xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi jo
Great mouse .... Of you know what I mean hehe!
How exciting are the eggs li look forward to seeing how they develope.... As it were

KatzElbows said...

No smile, more uproarious laughter. I didn't see it till you said, but now I can't see anything else!

Thank you for the uplifting laugh.

Hettie said...

Does Mr Mouse have a name? Stuart sounds good! Tee Hee!