Saturday, 7 August 2010

Powis Castle and its beautiful gardens.

We were in Welshpool and decided we would have lunch and a walk round the gardens of Powis Castle.
A brilliant decision!

We arrived in time for a quick coffee followed by a leisurely walk around the wooded area of the gardens. The resident peacocks were grazing on the castle lawn.

Within two minutes I had spotted a pair of bullfinches feeding young. A perfect setting for them amongst the shrubs and overhanging branches at the edge of the path.

A family of coots were feeding on the pond, fish were jumping and damsel and dragonflies flitted across the surface.
In the cool atmosphere amongst the trees we could hear blue tits, robins and blackbirds carrying on their daily life.

I spotted a tree creeper and a nuthatch on the mighty tree trunks.
All too small and quick to snap unfortunately!

As we headed back to the main buildings for lunch we heard a peregrine falcon screaming overhead accompanied by two young ones!!!
Later we just roamed the beautiful gardens.
I suppose some of the flowers had gone over but many were still in full bloom and looking good.

I hope you like the photos. I will let them speak for themselves!!!


mountainear said...

Fabulous photographs of a beautiful garden. Must go and visit again.

Lyn said...

We went in June but the gardens were a bit rushed at the end as we had lingered too long in the castle. Lovely picture and you were lucky with the wildlife too!
xxx said...

Looks wonderful! Must put this on my list of where to visit! Susie xxx

Harriet said...

Love the photos. What a beautiful place to to stroll.I will put this on my list of places to visit one day.

Wipso said...

So? You've been round our country house have you ? :-) Looking pretty good to me...but of course it would cos it has a wonderful gardener doesn't it :-)
A x

Tina Gilmore said...

Lucky you Jo, although, get a lot of visitors in the shop saying that when they called in it's always closed!!!!!!! I have been there many years ago, must try it again soon. xx

Jackie said...

I've never been to the Powis gardens despite the fact that my husband worked there for a long time recently.Did you see the recently restored coats of arms in the long gallery?

Jensters said...

lol @ Wispo.....great photos and looks a stunning place to visit...thanks for you kind comments on my blog x

敬周喜 said...


bayou said...

Oh how great! Your "country house" :-))) is still on our list to see. I hoped for a Welsh/Border gathering to go there...? Seems to be off the table now?
I love your pictures, Twiglet and all the birds you spotted. Never heard of that falcon - must try to find information on it.
I also love the last picture with the penstemon - I love all penstemons.

mollygolver said...

Oh yes - the gardens are so beautiful. We took our granddaughter last Thursday. I can identify with all those lovely photos. We missed to take a picture of the peacocks. They were milling about and then they hid somewhere

mckinkle said...

Oh Jo you take the most beautiful photos, I thoroughly enjoy browsing through them! Thanks for sharing them with us all to enjoy!

Keryn x

Raggy Rat said...

you take awesome photos
thank you for visiting my blog too
cat xxxx