Thursday, 12 August 2010

Have you seen this little bird???

He has been on a gap year and spent a jolly week with Wipso - here.

He went off on further travels and is now lost.
If you see this handsome little cockerel please return him to his home here!!
Thank you!!


bad penny said...

thank you - I'm sure it will help.
I will have second thoughts on sending my daughter on a Gap year !!! said...

I just read Penny's comment.. ha ha ha! I hope poor little lost Ernest gets found soon! Susie xxx

Suzanne said...

Cute Ernest is lost?
I hope he will return home soon
Suzanne xxx

Anonymous said...


Paula Gale said...

OH NO - where did he go to live last... he's probably hitched a lift somewhere - is he picking grapes in france or anything???? He's just never given it a second thought to tell anyone where he is... he'll probably get returned by the police sooner or later LOL

Good luch in finding him... have you considered reporting him as a misper or should that be mischi?

Paula xx x

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, poor Ernest, hope he finds his way home soon! Just thought I'd let you know that I posted Pt 2 of the airshow display post! Maybe your husband might be interested! Let me know if he spots and errors in the text as I took over 300 pictures... I think I've got them all sorted out right!


Tina Gilmore said...

Awww, poor Ernest, hope he's ok! Reminds me of that garden gnome that went missing a few years ago (the one that got stolen from someone's garden) and the ownder got a postcard and a photo of him from places all over the world...then one day he just mysteriously appeared back in their garden covered in boot polish (obviously someone's attempt at a sun tan!) Ha! Hop Ernest is travelling the world as we speak. Could do with a bit of a holiday myself. xxxx