Friday, 27 August 2010

Another blog award!

This lovely award was given to me by the Wonder woman Wipso!
Thanks for thinking of me again and sending me this award.

There are 5 rules for accepting this award :
Thank the person who forwarded the award to you. [done]
Display the award on your blog [done]
List 3 things about yourself
Post a picture you love
Tag 5 people who you'd like to forward this onto

So 3 things about me...

I am a proud mum.
I colour my hair.
I wear one contact lens.

One of my favourite photos...

Now who to pass it on to??
Having just had to choose 7 for the last award, I will really have to think long and hard.

1. Suz -  I think she will love this pretty pink award and she does the most amazing crochet in gorgeous scrummy colours!
2. Helen - I love all the beautiful art work she creates.
3. Paula - The lady who makes lovely cards and who has struggled through a rough year.
4. Maria - A wonderful felter, who inspires others to do the same.
5. Wipso - last but certainly not least - I am bouncing it back to my little sis!!!


Wipso said...

Thanks Jo. Love the pic...seem to remember Red Kites featured on that day?
Oh and yes you do colour your hair ....that's why everyone thinks your my daughter! :-)
Love and hugs,
A x

mckinkle said...

Congrats Jo on the boomerang award! Stunning photo too.
Have a lovely weekend!
Keryn x

bad penny said...

One contact lens ?
Beautiful photo

Paula Gale said...

Wow Jo - thanks for thinking of me for this award... I wish work would think like that - unfortunately, there's no accounting for the illness i've had - i'm just spoiling their 'long term sickness figures' :O(

Oh well, at least I'm still breathing :O)

Thanks again, it'll be on my blog when I get my act together.

Paula x x x x