Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday smile

Here's hoping my brother in law doesn't read my blog!!
It's his 60th birthday next week so I have made him a card to take down on Monday.

He is a Shrewsbury Town Footie fan - hence the collage.
I have just written a ditty to go inside but I will leave that as a giggle for Annie next week.

If you want a few more smiles on this chilly Friday (we have snow on the hills here!), then pop over to Annie's "A stitch in time blog" and join in the fun!

Have a great weekend.
Keep cosy and safe.

x Jo


Annie said...

Hehe that's just brilliant Jo. He will love it.
Annie x

BumbleVee said...

Weather here is cold....-19C this morning...going down to -33C tonight!! ridiculous ...even for us at this time of hear. It is supposed to be starting to melt and become a bit warmer about -4C or so at least.... not happening anytime soon. Calling for over a week of hideous cold and all the police and volunteers are out each night trying to make sure no street people freeze to death.

BumbleVee said...

I'm sure you know...but, "this time of hear should read..."this time of YEAR"

505whimsygirl said...

What a cute card. I'm sure he'll enjoy it.

We got a bit a rain here last night. What we need is some of the rain that California is getting. Although we'd have the same potential problem. Huge wildfires and now nothing on the soil to keep the rain up on the mountains.

Thanks for the Friday smile!


Di said...

Oh this is great Jo! It's sure to raise a laugh - so you're the ditty writer eh?



Nan G said...

:) big grin...he's in good shape for 60. ;) ;)

Caro said...

Wonderful card! You are so talented Jo...he will love it. Thanks for the smile. Caro x (#7)

Caro said...

Wonderful card! You are so talented Jo...he will love it. Thanks for the smile. Caro x (#7)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, this is brilliant ... I'm sure your BIL is going to love and treasure it. It's been a sunny but cool day here but I know there's still snow in the Galloway hills not too far from here. But there's undeniable signs that's spring is just around the corner :) Elizabeth xx

fairy thoughts said...

that's a great piece os stitching .... you are clever

Flutterby Patch said...

He's going to treasure that card for sure. Well done. Love your Katie Morag doll. It's one of my favourite programmes on TV.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very clever card - and any home made card deserves appreciation because of the time it takes, so well done.