Wednesday, 14 November 2012


 Well, as Christmas is only a few weeks away, I thought I would let little Chrissie start our post today.

She is about 7 inches tall and has a little hanging loop so she can hang on the tree.
I have been collecting junk beads for legs and arms. You can see some more which I found in the pound shop, on my table below.

My table is a bit of a mess - it's a bit of a dumping area at the moment.
You can see some gorgeous red babycord waiting to be made into a little frock for Lexi. Then there are the little notebooks I bought from the NEC last Thursday. The rest needs sorting and tidying away.

My latest project is spread over the chair back waiting to be finished.
I made two more draught excluders to sell at the craft fair.
We saw some at the NEC and they seemed to be selling quickly so perhaps I am "on trend" for once!!
Can you see angel's legs peeping out from underneath? I am joining in Jo's angel swap so they are waiting for their name labels before I pack them up ready to post.

 The belt and packs of beads were some of my car boot sale bargains. I should have enough for my dollies' legs now!!!

Below are the beautitful hand embroidered napkins all freshly laundered and starched ready to be transformed into a crafty item or two.
Well that's all from me for this week.
I will post all my finished bits and bobs on Friday.
So, pop back if you want an early snoop or just scroll down and see what I made last week.
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See you soon!
x Jo


Annie said...

More fab car boot finds Jo. You will have so many little beady dollies soon that they will be demanding squatters rights! :-)
A x

sandra de said...

Gorgeous pretty things on your desk. As always such lovely ideas and full of colours. Enjoy your week.
Sandra @75

Redanne said...

Chrissie is absolutely gorgeous, love her hair. Also love the freshly laundered linen, very pretty indeed, look forward to seeing what you make with them. Happy WOYWW Anne @ 65

Zeffy said...

My Gosh Jo when do you find the time? I love your embroided classy ans Christy is too cute...zeffy 78

Sandy said...

I so love that black and white patchwork you have there, are they the draft excluders they will run out the door lovely. Chrissie is so lovely, so cute. Sandy :) #50

Julia Dunnit said...

Am loving the dollies! Utterly fab. And the bang on trend draught excluders too. My word Jo you are productive. ANd in earlier posts - yep, I'm the same about onion chutney/relish...I've had exactly that experience and it's just not rewarding enough!!

Angela Coles said...

loads of beautiful projects. I think the bead legs and arms is a great idea.

JoZart said...

I really love your beady doll.... She needs a name now! Lots of lovelies going on there so the "mess"is nothing at all! DD1 makes lots of craft items from old textiles too so I always look out for them.
Jo x

JoZart said...

I really love your beady doll.... She needs a name now! Lots of lovelies going on there so the "mess"is nothing at all! DD1 makes lots of craft items from old textiles too so I always look out for them.
Jo x

Joynana said...

So many crafty projects. Your dolly is sooo cute and creative. #22

KatzElbows said...

Remember, if you're not on trend, you're simply ahead of it! The draught excluders are so much nicer than any I've seen in forever. I'd say put me down for one, but I'm lucky enough to have no drafts!

Happy WOYWW,
rachel #52

Helen said...

You are always so busy and have so much to share! I love the doll! Have a lovely day, I am making Christmas cards today! Helen # 3

MiniOwner said...

Hello again! How quickly a week flies by. I love love love little Chrissie. Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@85)

Karen McAlpine said...

Love the little doll. It is really a cute design! Very pretty linens too!
Karen 115

Di said...

Hi Jo

I adore the little dollies you've been making, so cute.

The bracelet was bought in Estepona Marina Sunday Market - sadly they only had one that day, they seemed popular. Estepona is South of Malaga on the way to Gibraltar if your SIL is down that way.

Happy WOYWW! Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

I just found these on Amazon - 80 for £3 and free delivery. I reckon the bracelet I got has about 80 bells on so that's pretty good, although they are metallic coloured. Any help?

Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

Di again - these might be even better! A little bit cheaper in cost, still free postage and possibly more variety of colours.

Signed, Miss Marple :)

famfa said...

Can't wait to see your angels. Lovely finds. Beautiful doll
FAMFA (19)

Angelfish said...

Such a sweet little dolly :o) It's the book I'm interested in and I can't quite figure out the title!
Fiona x

Caro said...

Chrissie is gorgeous! What wonderful carboot finds as well and those embroidered napkins are stunning. Thanks for sharing. Caro #89

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a lot of lovely things going on here! Love your little doll, Chrisx

butterfly said...

Love Chrissie - her beady limbs are a great touch! And I'm sure those very chic draught excluders will go down a storm... Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Fuchsia said...

You always look really busy Jo
where do you find the time
I love your ickle dolly she is so cute
Thanks for passing by x

okienurse said...

lots of great boot sale goodies and NEC finds. Love the little blue dress you made Lexie that I saw at Annies blog and the red cord will make another cute outfit. Are you crocheting snowflakes for all your cards? OMG! Love the Chrissie doll and how you are making awesome use of those junk beads! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

Anonymous said...

Your little christmas belle is gorgeous. I'm sure someone is going to be very happy with her, if youcan bear to give her away. Love the napkins. I never seem to find anything exciting at car boots, think I must have a mental block.
Tricia #95

Ann B said...

Beautiful doll Jo. I'm doing the angel swap as well and would you believe I zoomed in on your photo to try to get a peep at yours.
Love hankies, always used to get a box at Christmas from my (long gone) Aunt, lacy and embroidered and very dainty - should have kept them all.
Thanks for visiting yesterday, only got round to three desks yesterday but I'm trying to do a lot more today.
Ann B

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Love the little dolly - she's so pretty! And the draught excluder is very chi chi, I like it very much. You always seem to find fab things at car boot sales..those beads are great!!
Thanks for the lovely comments on my post!
Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

BumbleVee said...

love the hand embroidered napkins.... beautiful.....

Anne said...

Such loveliness in your post Jo. The dolly is gorgeous, can't wait to see the angels, other lovely goodies as well. Have been having trouble leaving comments so hope you get this. Anne x #126

RosC said...

So enjoyed this post Jo. Chrissie is very cute and the draught excluders (we call them door worms) are made of very smart fabric. The beads, the embroidery all interesting and beautiful in turn. Thanks for sharing.
Ros. #94

Cardarian said...

I am late commenting - love your post - so much interesting beautiful things are shown - your Chrissie is stunning! Soo, so cute! And all your other makes are nice too!
Thank you for sharing!
Lots of hugs,