Friday, 16 November 2012

Finished by Friday 5

Welcome to Finished by Friday 5!

I know lots of folk pop by to see what I have been up to each week.
Thanks for calling and feel free to leave a little comment just to say Hi!!

Just a few bits and bobs to share this week.....

Two gorgeous ivory/grey/black patchwork draught excluders.

They are made with various furnishing fabrics.

Each one is embellished with hand embroidery and leather flowers trimmed with vintage buttons.

I am taking these to the craft fair - I think there is a lovely one in our Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop if anyone is interested. Email me if you fancy a different colour scheme!!

A sneeky peek at a little angel's wings as she posed for a photo in the sunshine yesterday. She will be winging her way to Jo for her angel swap next week.

I had pics of some of my little Christmas cards and a gorgeous little scrapbox fairy to show you but Blogger keeps telling me my quota has been used up. Does anyone else have this problem?

Will try later - meanwhile have a fab weekend and don't forget to give generously to Children in Need!!

x Jo


Fuchsia said...

They look fabulous Jo what a brill idea and design x

Di said...

Super draught excluders there Jo! No idea about your image quota being used up sorry - but it's put the wind (or should that be a draught?!) up me here. Happy Friday, hugs, Di xx

Annie said...

More fab makes there Jo.
A x

Anonymous said...

Love those colours and the designs. Very upmarket.
Have a good weekend.
Tricia xx

Buttons said...

Those excluders are just beautiful Jo. Hope you have a great weekend, hugs Buttons x

Samantha Elliott said...

Lovely draft stopperer there Jo! Living in an old cottage I could do with a few of those here! The only thing is every time a certain someone comes through the door he leaves it where it lands! I once had one attached to the door but our old dog ripped it off trying to get into the bathroom! Maybe it was cos it had cats on there! LOL!
Glad you liked the joke

JoZart said...

Oooh, can't wait and I wonder what she is called??? your little angel started winging her way at 10.30am today along with 11 of her mates.
Jo x

Angie said...

Those are so gorgeous ...a great idea ...although I'd probably trip over them lol.
Chrissie on the woyww post is sooooo cute... love her xx

JoZart said...

Ooops! can't find your email addy and don't want to leave a home address in comments so please can you email me so I can reply.
Lots of love Jo x

Redanne said...

They actually look too nice to put on the floor! The fabric and embellishments are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more than just a sneak peek of the angel. Hugs, Anne x

BumbleVee said...

Jo... it depends on the size you use for your pics... I was using 3M when taking photos and then trying to upload them all of a sudden I had no space left either.

So, now I export them from my photo page to a different folder and make them smaller ... (I use medium size instead of the 'actual' size) just to upload to blogger. Then I just delete them from that folder ... it has been working for over a year now and I haven't seen that notice since... and every so often I go back to a photo heavy post to delete and use the small size photos too... so I keep adding space I guess.

Apparently there is a quota on blogger.. but, I read that if we reach it.... we can add more by paying $5 .... .