Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fun at the fair!!

(With apologies to Debbie Cook and Fiddlers Dram)

Didn't we have a lovely time
The day we went to Marton...
A foggy wet day, but we went to play
And all for a wonderful day, you know
That I carried the sack, lots of goodies to pack
And we wondered what ever we went for
Nevertheless we had done our best
Crafting a few of our favourite things
As the weeks went by.

Do you recall the thrill of it all
As we walked up to the hall door
Then to our stall we trundled it all
That made our feet and backs ache
Annie, M and me had one cup of tea
Then we took the gorgeous crafts out
Making a display - a wonderful array
As the rain poured down

Wasn't it great greeting family and mates
As they came to see our goodies
Then we ate lunch such a bright, cheerful bunch
As we chatted to all and sundry
They all looked quite damp, stood under the lamp
As the gloomy day closed in so quickly
By half past three we were ready for tea
As the rain poured down

Annie, M and me we finished our tea
And we said goodbye to the craft fair
We stacked the cars high with goods left to buy
I wondered where all of the folk went?
Wouldn't it be good to have sold all this stuff
And go home with our pockets a jingling
As we drove through the mud we said it was good
As the rain poured down!!

Well that's about it folks.
Guess we were in the wrong place, on a foul day, this time.
Better luck next time.
We will be re-stocking the blog shop and maybe adding a give-away or two so keep a look out.

Pop over to "A stitch in time" if you want to see more photos.

x Jo


Annie said...

We are chuckling here Jo....only you could have written that :-)
A x

Pearly Queen said...

I have grave doubts about the fair I am doing next Sunday. There are at least 2 others in the area that same day (as always out here)so I think that visitors may be few and far between. It was to have been free originally but now the Mairie have decided to charge €10 a table...

Anyway, I'm going to list some things on Etsy if it doesn't go well, though it will be a bit late by then!

Sad to hear you had problems - I think a Christmas Fair is actually worse than a 'normal' one. Maybe little gifts are no longer the thing...


Redanne said...

Loving your written missive Jo, so sorry that the day did not go as well as hoped though. Hugs, Anne x

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh this was good, sorry your day wasn't, thank you for sharing though, and the lovely dollies

Anne said...

Oh what a shame that you did not do well you certainly deserved to with all those gorgeous makes. Love what you have written. Anne x

Kezzy said...

Annie told me it was a bit of a wash out and to see your poem, you certainly have made me smile lol, I wish I had been closer to have a browse :-) And all those wonderful goodies, those dollies are so so cute. Hugs Kerry xxx