Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WOYWW - cards fest!

 Happy Wednesday to all who like to pop in here for a snoop at my crafty corner!! Join in the fun by checking out the goings on at Julia's Stamping Ground. Go on - show us your workdesk this Wednesday!!!

I thought I would show just a few of my fab birthday cards.

Annie gave me this gorgeous poppy card which she had dumfed specially for me. She also included a poem - such talent!!
I am going to frame it.

Below are a few of the hand crafted or funny cards I was sent.
How well my friends know me!

 Maxine made this card for me from a real vintage knitting pattern. I love it.
If you fancy the hat and mitts then send me some
Patons Fuzzy Wuzzy and I will give it a go. lol!!!

I made 3 more little frocks for the "Dress a girl around the world scheme", this week.
I bought this lovely green cotton fabric at the car boot sale and trimmed them up with some of the bits and bobs left from our last session. I think we must have made about 410 frocks now.

 These are the little shorts that I made this week for the boys, who must be feeling a bit left out.
I hope they like the fabric - I thought it would be fun.

This monster dragonfly was in our garden this week and obligingly settled on our conifer - it was nearly 10cm long!

AND - specially for Annie.... anything you can do..........
Yep - bread buns!
They are delicious and so easy to make.
This batch was a Wrights bread mix - Parmesan and sundried tomato but I often make my own recipe.

Shall I butter one for you now??

Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes
I had a lovely birthday.
Have a great week
x Jo


Annie said...

Fab cards Jo esp the one at the top of course :-) Think we must have dressed half of Africa by now....I will have to look out some more material to dress the other half. :-)
A x

Di said...

Fabulous cards there Jo - glad to hear you had a super birthday. I just pinched a roll, thank you kindly :) Hugs, Di xx

#62 - I managed to link in this week :)

Lou said...

Gorgeous cards Jo, happy belated birthday! Those dresses and shorts are so sweet. Bread rolls look delicious too :)

Happy WOYWW!

Lou #71

okienurse said...

Beautiful lot of cards you got for your birthday. BTW Happy Birthday a little late. Ah Jo such a teaser with those rolls...I would love one or...ummm two! Love the picture of the dragon fly. Vickie #41

Suzanne said...

Yes please - they look deicious! A belated Happy Birthday to you, what lovely cards you received. Giant dragonfly and spider (still reeling from the size of that!), what is it where you live?! XX

Redanne said...

Oh me too please, I would love one buttered......your cards are fabulous, love the one of the ladies in the gym and the knitting pattern one and of course Annie's is stunning. Wow, I wish I could have seen that dragonfly - I adore them! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #60

JoZart said...

So glad you had a good birthday (week!) you do so much for others that you really deserve to be treated.
I have visions of you with a ruler measuring the dragonfly before it flew off but I know that you'll be like me and can just size naturally without the ruler.
Those buns look shop bought from the best of bakeries.
Will miss you on Saturday!
jo x

Helen said...

Love your cards, and glad you had a great day. Helen, 6

Karen McAlpine said...

Happy Birthday! Lots of fun-ness going on at your house!! Love that felted card. The children's garments are so sweet.
Karen 103

Samantha Elliott said...

Yes please. It is lunch time after all!
A nice set of dresses on your line again...lucky you to have dry weather! Those shorts are great too!
I wish I could get a picture of our dragonflies...they are always on the move here though I did see one the other day on my lemon tree, but I knew if I moved to get the camera it would go so I just stood admiring it!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Belated Happy Birthday! You certainly have made lots of those dresses - and all beautiful! Love making bread! Chris111

MaggieC said...

Yes please, I would love one of those buns. They look delicious. I nearly did not see that dragonfly, he is so well camouflaged. Have a great week remembering your birthday and doing all that sewing. xx Maggie #88

Sarah Anderson said...

Ooo yes please, and I'll have some crumbly Lancashire cheese on the side please ;)

Happy Birthday! Your cards are beautiful and those shorts are such fun x x

Lisa-Jane said...

You are such a tease! I love bread, especially home made or warm from the oven, but sadly it gives me a fat backside. Great boys fabric too.

Neet said...

Could just murder one of those buns right now. Yes please, butter me one.
Happy birthday (belated, sorry) what a lovely lot of cards you got - isn't that nice when someone goes to the trouble of making cards for you.
Love the green dresses, so crisp and clean but the shorts, they steal the show. Fab!

Hugs, Neet 29 xx

Sandy Leigh said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday! Your post today is beautiful in every way. First, I adore that vintage knitting pattern card--wow. Just wow. And your frocks are so sweet! Really sweet, all hanging there together. I adore that fabric the boys' shorts are stitched in--and those buns look absolutely yummy!! Happy WOYWW! --Sandy Leigh #24

kay said...

happy belated birthday,love the cards and your photos :)
have a great woyww
kay #48

Caro said...

I love those cute dresses and shorts. You are so talented. I have to say that I could really do with one of those gorgeous rolls to have with my homemade soup tonight! Thanks for sharing. Caro #77 xx

BumbleVee said...

MMMM yes with butter would be luvly!!!

And.... the card Annie made you is absolutely beautiful! Wow.... I'd frame it too.

kThat does it...I must try baking some bread or buns in my new little toaster oven.... I'm not waiting til my kitchen is finished could be another month yet! Off to find a recipe... oh, and ... wait til the electrician is finished turning things off and on I guess ....sigh.... could be tomorrow I guess .....

MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely post sweetie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. A belated happy birthday too.
Thanks for remembering and yes I did manage to find a large bamboo blind. I won't be working any larger than this piece though as it's just too physical.

Annie said...

Belated Happy Birthday Jo. I love the card from Annie,, poppies are one of my favourites.

Those rolls look yummy.

happy WOYWW and so lovely to hear from you

Annie x

Julia Dunnit said...

*panic* please may I have a roll? And butter. ...haven't had a uttered roll for a while now...YUM!
so glad you've enjoyed a week of birthday...and so you should have. More sewing for Africa..good for you gal.

Anne said...

Great cards Jo, especially the 'poppy' one :-) the rolls look delish. Have a pcket of flour ready to make some!!! Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

Lynn Holland said...

Great blog page Jo and a happy belated birthday from the Doodly Birds

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit! Those certainly look quite tempting. That is quite the collection of fun birthday cards you received. I hope you are still celebrating strong!

Sweet little dresses and pants. I haven't seen anyone make those for awhile so it is good to know the project is still going strong.

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Twiglet
lots of lovliness on your desk and fab cards. I have some fuzzy wuzzy, but sadly it is going on in my head this weeek :(
it is amazing how many little dresses and shorts you have made, well done, I think I really should make some is there a pattern.
janet #49

Angie said...

Is the dragonfly normal ...have you checked to see if you discovered a mutation ...dont the little ones sting/bite and cause swelling??? what ever the is so beautiful.
The shorts are so cute ...but I worry about you and the dresses ....I thought you had got over your adiction lol xx#70

butterfly said...

Belated happy birthday! And a big WOW to you and all those amazing clothes you're making for such a great cause... happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Mrs A. said...

scuse me whilst I wipe the butter and crumbs from my mouth! that was yummy. Happy belated birthday. Lovely cards you have on display.
Hugs Mrs A.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That dragonfly is humungous!! What a gorgeous iridescent green it is too - I'd like a dress in that colour :)
I'm glad you did some sewing for the boys, the fabric is prefct. I'm sure they'll go down well!!
Thanks for stopping by!
~Hugs, lLJ #50 xx

Andrea said...

Fab cards and hope you had a wonderful birthday it sounds like you did ;-). those little dresses and shorts are so cute, you've made so many , well done I am sure they will be very greatly received and your kindness rewarded ,hugs

Ann B said...

I'll have mine warm and un-buttered please Jo, thanks for asking. Love those little shorts, the boys who get them will be thrilled.
Beautiful dragonfly as well but don't you find them a bit scary.
Started on the socks and finding it hard to manage all those needles so I may end up agreeing with you about life being too short to knit a sock

Ann B

Buttons said...

Lovely cards, lovely clothes, lovely bread rolls (it's a great mix that one:) Hugs, Buttons #82

MiniOwner said...

Hope you had a good birthday, Jo. Your cards are great. I so love those little frocks and shorts. Thanks for visiting my desk yesterday.
Sue x (MiniOwner @ 95)

Carol Hornby-Clements said...

I love the shorts. A great idea for the boys.
Happy Crafting.

Carol # 133
PS Had trouble logging on to your blog it said the page did not exist!!!

sandra de said...

Ohhh those rolls look delicious and the dresses and shorts are pretty good as well. Patons Fuzzy Wuzzy ... woyww's be on the look out I am sure.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I am playing catch up..enjoyed your prev. posts many pretties. Happy Belated Birthday. Looks like it was well remembered. The flowers given by your sister were lovely. And I enjoyed the little spider bit. I usually never kill a spider let it on to a piece of cardstock and out the door it goes, something my grandma, also suggested!!!
You have a beautiful array of cards. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.
Thanks for stopping by

Carmen said...

Oooh I love those bread mixes - haven't made up any in ages!

Belated happy birthday - loving the cards though my hands feel decidedly itchy just looking at that one with the mittens :P

Thanks for stopping by mine with your lovely words :)

Carmen #113

Sandi McLean said...

Great cards! Delighted to see your frocks and shorts - good for your group! Way to go! And then you end by making me hungry! Great buns! LOL

Kezzy said...

Hi, wow you received some wonderful cards and they all made me smile. Yep I would love if you could post one of the bread rolls my way they look delicious :-) I just want to say thank you so much for all the love and kind words my way, it's took sometime to respond as I was hiding away, but now I'm starting to heal and realise that I'm not a bad mum and life sends us this things to test us, I just haven't past the test this time and will be trying harder lol. Thank you so much, sending some hugs back and a Belated Happy Birthday :-) Kerry xxx

Paula Gale said...

Glad you had a lovely Birthday - you always pack so much into your posts, my comments end up being as long as your post itself!

I'll (try to ) be brief...

great cobs (as we call breadrolls in Derbyshire), lovely clothes to go to lucky kids all over the globe, great cards - you 're a lucky but lovely lady and deserved tonnes of cards.

big hugs

Paula x x x

Tamika said...

You do have quite a card collection there! And you always top it off with the buns! You make me miss my old neighbor who used to bake every Friday night!Tamika #14

Tamika said...

PS the dresses and shorts are adorable it's a wonderful thing you're doing!