Friday, 19 October 2012

Finished by Friday!!

Handmade crafts

 "Finished by Friday" is going to be my showcase for all the little items 
that I have hand crafted during the previous week.
I usually have a "show and tell" on my WOYWW post each Wednesday 
but I decided I would really stretch myself and do two posts a week!! lol

So - here goes.......

Hand knitted baby cardigans

Above is the latest little sleeveless cardi that I have knitted for Lexi.
It should fit a 20" chest and has hand embroidered lazy daisy flowers and knots with little, floral buttons.
Just a cosy extra layer for the cooler Autumn days.

Below are the three tissue box covers that I have made for our craft fair.
I am also putting them in our blog shop - Sisters Crafty Creations.

For those of you new to my blog -  Sisters Crafty Creations  is where my sister Annie (Wipso - A stitch in time) and I put all the items we have made in order to sell them online.

So, if you are interested then follow the link and then check out all our "shelves" in the shop by clicking on the links down the left hand side of Sisters Crafty Creations.

Tissue box covers

Poppies tissue box cover
This tissue box cover is made from cream fabric decorated with panels of recycled vintage embroidery on the front and on top.

At the craft fair I will sell them complete with tissue box - they make a lovely gift.
Online it makes postage really cheap if I just sell the covers without the tissues.
I will package them in a cellophane bag.

White vintage lace n linen tissue box cover
This tissue box cover is made from white vintage fabric decorated with vintage cotton lace with a little lace/buttoned flower on top.

Vintage embroidery tissue box cover
This tissue box cover is made from white fabric decorated with a panel of recycled vintage embroidery on the front with a vintage embroidered flower on top.

AND lastly
Here's one I made earlier....

This patchwork draught excluder is made from various furnishing fabrics.

It is embellished with buttons and hand embroidery and has polyester filling.

Patchwork draught excluder

That's it for this week ...see you next week!

If you would like to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!  x Jo


donnalouiserodgers said...

ah so glad you are doing a finish it Friday post as I 'missed' the weds one...

I really like the tissue box covers - especially as they are reused materials,

the draught excluder looks far too pretty to be on the floor!


Annie said...

Brilliant post Jo.....and it will certainly focus you to get things finished by Friday :-)
Lexi will look so cute in that knitty...thanks x
A x

Redanne said...

Hi Jo, so glad you will be posting twice, I do like to see your wonderful makes and time is limited on Wednesday with so many to visit. Love the little baby jackt, it is so beautiful and your tissue box covers are gorgeous. I too, think the draught excluder is far to nice to be on the floor! Crafty hugs, Anne x

Angie said...

That cardi is absolutely gorgeous and those tissue covers are .stunning ...should all sell so well...However I dont think that is really a draught excluder ...its a giant cat toy ....well it would be in our house lol xx

Mrs A. said...

All beautiful makes but especially like that draught excluder. Having tiling done in the hall next week and one of these at the front door would be an excellant idea. Hugs Mrs A.

JoZart said...

I, like Donna, think the draught excluder is too good for the floor! Gorgeous makes and the cardy is so neat. The embroidery sets it off perfectly.
Lv Jo x

Mary Ann said...

The little cardigan is so sweet:)

Barb King said...

That little sweater is adorable!

BumbleVee said...

The draught excluder looks like it could be a fancy cushion.... of course, the very term 'draught excluder' ...sound rather posh .....

I don't even know what we call them....maybe door stops... mostly cuz we don't have or use them. All our outside doors have major weather stripping all around the door frame and casing... can't afford to have any -30C drafts ...or draughts..coming in. In the olden days ... when we were kids.... we would roll up an old towel keep out draft or dust in the old war time houses...... and called it a towel thingy ...hahha.... you Brits.... I love all the inventive names you give things, it makes everything so much more interesting.

Linda said...

Beautiful work, the cardi is so sweet. Good luck at the craft fayre. x

Neet said...

Gorgeous tissue covers and a sweet jacket but can we have a photo of the little ones too please, they make me smile so much.
Neet xx

Yvonne Moxon said...

What a lovely way to recycle embroidered fabrics and enjoy them again..lovely!