Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WOYWW - birthday, bargain, beastie and bolero

 Happy Wednesday everyone!
Just a few things to share with you today.

Don't you just love my flowers??
Dear little sister Annie gave them me today when I called for coffee - as she loves to remind me - I am her "much" older sister!!
In fact, 61 this week. AND if I say I am 6 years older than Annie and its her birthday soon then you will know how old she is too!!! Ha!

Above is a little pine spice rack that I found at the car boot.
I thought it would make a useful little display stand when we go to the next craft fair.
I have painted it with off-white Annie Sloan chalk paint and distressed it a bit.
Here you are....

Now I know you love to see the view from my kitchen window....
Well this week it wasn't nearly so nice!!
I don't like spiders much and this giant was sitting on the outside of the window frame.
I know it's ridiculous but it kept catching my eye and in the end I had to go out and brush it off that it could run and play where I couldn't see it!
As Grandma used to say.."If you wish to live and thrive - let a spider stay alive"

 Much prettier, is the little cream shrug that I made for my friend's granddaughter.
I have had a busy time knitting - it keeps me awake when I am watching TV.

Below is the draught excluder I made for Maxine.
It has fabric from her hall roman blind, furnishing fabric scraps and vintage buttons.
I added a few rows of hand embroidery too.
It looks just right in her hallway.
I have lots more fabric remnants, in all ,shades, so I think I might make a couple for the craft fair.

That's it for this week.
I had a lovely time last week checking out lots of your desks - I try to do as many as possible and a few extra "new" desks that I haven't visited before. I do a lucky dip on Aunty Julia's Mr Linky list!
It's great to see what you are busy making and I am always so impressed by the beautiful cards etc on display. What a clever crafty bunch!!
Keep crafting!
x Jo


Annie said...

What a beautiful post today Jo. So I'm up and coming 55're still my much older sister :-) and you just know I love you to bits. Just hope we both live til 100 like Grandma cos that means we are only just over half way there!
Biggest hugs,
A x

KatzElbows said...

I love your display rack. A brilliant find. And I love the colour you've painted it. Nice and neutral so it doesn't detract from what you put on it, but not boring. Have a great WOYWW.

cheers, rachel
No Mr Linky, so here's a link to my WOYWW post.

Redanne said...

What beautiful flowers, hope you had a very happy birthday. Your spice rack was a great find and looks wonderful now that you have worked your magic on it. Draught excluders would do well at the craft fair, now it is getting so much colder......the little jacket is just gorgeous. Crafty hugs, Anne x #13

Lynn Holland said...

Can you show me your stuff on the spice rack. Sounds like a good idea
Lynn 38

okienurse said...

don't you just love the bratty younger sisters that love to tell you how old you are. I try to switch the tables on my sister from time to time and tell people she is the older sister. We are 6 years apart too so it won't be long till she is here also...Love the picture of the spider. My grandmother had a similar saying and I was afraid to kill them. love the draft preventer! Have a great week. Vickie #22

Helen said...

61 is young these days - and your family keeps you young, so enjoy a Happy Birthday!!
Don't like that spider - he looks big...
Have a great week, Helen, 4.

Ann B said...

Happy birthday to you la, la ,la.
Great find there and it will look good with all your beautiful makes displayed.

At least the spider is outside, we find them scuttling across our living-room floor at this time of year. Just have to lift up our feet and forget what we saw.

Ann B

Buttons said...

Now either you don't sleep, are uber efficient and organised, superwoman, or have a man-servant to do everything else for you. Can't work out how else you could be so productive! A new display shelf (good idea) a beautiful shrug and a draft excluder! Wow! Impressive. Hugs, Buttons #57

Julia Dunnit said...

Well Jo, congratulations and happy returns...any age is a good age, frankly! Love what you did with the spice rack, expect that will become a really useful stall you get offers for it too!!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday ...what a gorgeous arrangement. Firstly I love that spice rack ...I could see it displaying crafty bottles of stuff. I also love your 'makes' ...draught excluders may sell well as apparently we are in for another big freeze ...end Oct onwards...Brrrr....and that shrug is gorgeous.....birthday hugs xx#39

Eliza said...

I dont like spiders and my daughter kills them and leaves their bodies laying around so the other spiders see them and it tell them she means business if you enter her room. So be warned spiders.

I love your flowers they are beautiful and your sister needs to learn to respect her elders and bite her tongue. LOL even if she loves you to bits and want the pair of you to live to 100. LOL

love the shelves too, great find.

Eliza #55

Eliza said...

Oh and bleated birthday wishes hope it was a good one.

Eliza Again

donnalouiserodgers said...

love the draught excluder, if I make them the dogs think they are a mini bed and drag them away under tables and lay upon them glowering at anyone who tries to retrieve them for their intended purpose, I have given up and use a curtain across the doors (front and back) in winter - one day I might buy doors that fit...

dx 76

sandra de said...

Happy Birthday and those flowers are gorgeous. The spider was probably just struck with How crafty you are and couldn't take its eyes of all the goodies in your room.
Sandra @73

jill said...

Yuck to the spider picture , LOL.
really pretty flowers from your sister. happy woyww jill #29

Sandy said...

What a great idea for great fabric scraps to match it in with the funrnishings that way.. Cute little jacket and yea I get told just squish it just squish it but I flick spiders outside too. Sandy :) #85

Neet said...

"Happy Birthday to You
Squashed tomatoes and stew
Lots of Jelly
In your belly
Happy Birthday to you."

Oh to be 61 again! have a wonderful day and enjoy those gorgeous flowers. Forget about the spider and enjoy the day.

Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Neet 31 xx

trisha too said...

Very fine post, lots of lovely things--well, okay, the spider isn't exactly lovely, but he is interesting! I like that draft excluder--we call the draft dodgers here--you've made the prettiest one I've ever seen!

#101 this week

SueH said...

Happy Birthday Jo! What beautiful flowers, I bet they brought a big smile to your face.
It looks like you’ve had a very busy week as always. I love your recycled spice rack idea, it’s surprising what a difference a paint job can do. The draught excluder is very stylish too.

Happy Crafting!
Sue @ 79

Darla said...

Very nice birthday flowers, happy birthday. Great idea with the spice rack and is that a draft pillow? #94

Samantha Elliott said...

Happy Birthday. Lovely flowers from your lovely sister!
Nice silhouette of the spider! We seem to have a fair few in our house at the moment! yuk! We have a spider catcher to take them outside!

JoZart said...

Lovely post, flowers, photos and makes but most of all a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope it was a good'un!
Hate to say but I love spiders and we even give them names , all beginning with T when they come to visit. Tyrone lives under the TV table and we have Tarquin in the bathroom, but I promise to minesweep them away if you ever get to visit! One day!! We should plan that mentioned trip to Chester! ??? when ?? talk to the old sis... I can say that as I'm even older!
Love jo x

Caro said...

Happy Birthday Jo, mine is this week too! The flowers are gorgeous and I love your draft excluder. Thanks for sharing, Caro xx #43

MaggieC said...

Happy Birthday. I was going to say it was a lovely post until I saw that spider I hope it was not quite as big as it looks. Your flowers are so beautiful, and how great to receive them. Thank you for your visit and encouragement today. I will post the results of our efforts later in the week. Have a good week. xx Maggie #36

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love the new look of your rack, sure it will display your lovely work beautifully! Thanks for your comments-difficult for me at the moment the laptop we bought isn't playing nicely with my phone! Happy Birthday! Can't be doing with younger people reminding us how old we are lol - my husband does it to me all the time!!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I love what you did with the spice rack! It looks so fresh and new.
And that little sweater is just so sweet! :)
Mary Jo #93

Lydia La La said...

Happy Birthday... Every day is a bonus. Hope it was a lovely time for all. I'm like you with the spiders. don't kill, just relocate.

Anne said...

Hi there Happy Birthday beautiful flowers. I too was 61 this year. I have two younger sisters. Your makes are lovely as always. My DIL had a lovely new draught excluder at her door. We need one and I might pinch the idea. We've had some huge spiders in the house!!! I tried to leave a comment last week but Mr Blogger just wouldn't let me. Hope this one makes it. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

Angelfish said...

You've really given that spice rack a new lease of life Jo, it looks great. I fancy trying out that paint, having seen quite a few projects using it around the blogosphere.
Fiona x #118

Princess Judy Palmer said...

What a pretty draft extruder that is! I have been known to do the not-so-pretty thing and bunch up a large towel or throw rug. The cat figures it is a game and goes and paws it all down flat or at least away from the door. Maybe I could just teach him to lie down in front the bottom of the door instead. Gosh knows he's large enough!

Love the cute little cream colored shrug, the spider not so much. At least he was outside!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Jo!! Lovely flowers from your sister, who's nearly as old as you, lol!! 61? Still in your first flush, missus :D
I really love the draught excluder you've made - it looks really elegant. I'm sure they'll sell well at the craft fair, people still want the old things like pegbags and draught excluders as much as new fangled bynting and doorstops!!
Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

Tracey said...

Lovely to read your post and you are so busy. Great idea for the spice rack, that was a lucky find. The draught excluder is wonderful, I may just learn how to make one of those as I am new to sewing and this looks like a great idea. I hope you had a great birthday and the flowers are super, Tracey ±93

Sue said...

OOOhhh Ohhh, don't know where to much lovely stuff to see. the flowers are yummy...many happy returns, happy birthday:)
The shrug is beautiful and the draught excluder is stylish and looks well in place there. Annie Sloan paints are so lovely to use, I have several colours to play with. Have fun...look forward to seeing you next week:)

Jackie said...

Beautiful flowers, fabulous shrug and draught excluder, I have book marked your blog so I can come back :) (didn't much care for the spider though lol)
Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog :) x

Sheena said...

Everything else is beautiful - but I can't think of any of them because of that spider! Eeek! There was one of them in my parents hall the other day and I had to keep an eye on it till there was someone there to get rid of it!


Linda D said...

Happy Birthday! What does it matter what number it is as long as you enjoy it?
I like the stylish draught excluder, it's a good idea now the nights are getting colder. It's reminded me to find my rather tatty one. I foolishly put it away when we had that one week of summer ...

Elizabeth said...

Belated happy birthday greetings, Jo - your flowers are just gorgeous, such a pretty mix of colours.

That spider gave me the heeby-jeebies too - I won't kill them either but the EM has the perfect gadget for catching them so that they can safely be sent on their way :)

Your little knit and the draught excluder are beautiful makes - you've certainly been busy.

Hope you have a good week and a belated happy WOYWW to you. Elizabeth x #49

MiniOwner said...

Ha ha my sister and I have those conversations about our ages - she is one year and 2 weeks younger than me - in those two weeks she tells everyone I am 2 years older! There are some very lovely things in your craftroom. I have enjoyed visiting albeit a day late!
Sue x (MiniOwner #147)

Craftychris said...

Such lovely flowers, have a very Happy Birthday! The spice rack will look cool at craft fairs and the little shrug is gorgeous! Have a good week xx #113

Di said...




peggy aplSEEDS said...

Happy birthday to you! I say, the older the better, not everyone reaches that age! I love the colors of your draft thing. The spice rack is great. Good idea!

Lisa-Jane said...

Aha, I see it is your birthday so I hope you are spending it doing something you love and enjoy! That's a wonderful draft excluder and how lovely to have bits of special things in it.

Mrs A. said...

Your spice rack looks good how you have painted it. I'm suprised there are no Daddy long legs around this year. Usually have loads of the blighters in the kitchen. Hugs Mrs A. Happy belated birthday wishes. That is a good trick by Di.

Sarah Anderson said...

lol, where are these giant spiders coming from! I had one in the bathroom, then one in my classroom at school! Love the draught excluder :) HOpe you had a very happy birthday :)xx

famfa said...

Happy birthday to you too. Lovely cardi and draught excluder x

Minxy said...

It's amazing how a lick of paint can transform a piece, love the ickle shelve unit, and that door runner is pretty cool too x
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog x
Happy{sorry im late}WOYWW
Hugz Minxy #24

Sue from Oregon said...

All ideas very cool, need to make myself a couple of those draft catchers with the cold weather creeping in!

Morti said...

What a lovely draught excluder, and a very sweet little shrug. Not quite such a cute spider, although I'm not bothered by them! You took a very good photo of it though (yes, I know thre resolution isn't great, but the light behind him is brilliant...).

Thanks for stopping by this week!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Jo

eeeeeeeek - that spider looks like a huntsman spider - I know it won't be (or is it lol)!!!! but I'd have gotten someone else to brush it off in case it started walking up the brush stale! lol.

I feel bad because I've realised that last year must have been a massive milestone birthday for you - and I missed it! I was really struggling this time last year with anything that remotely involved blogging (long story), but I am sorry for missing it! I have just realised however, that we therefore both shared milestone birthdays - which means you are old enough to be my mum! Sorry - didn't mean to frighten you lol....

Changing the subject, I love that draught exluder and would love to make some and some fabric character door stops too - for Christmas presents. What did you stuff it with? Also - great find with that shelf - looks fab all painted up!

Right - I guess you've gathered i'm on catch up (as usual) - was surprised to see you were only one in front of me - but that's a corrective entry I gather... #148 - the highest i've ever been! oh well.... always last, always late!

big hugs Jo

Paula x x x