Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WOYWW - another rainbow?

Welcome to my table lit by the late evening sunshine!
I can't show you much of what I have been up to this week - secret little items for a certain wedding that is happening soon. Some are actually hiding under the heap in the middle of the table. I will reveal all next week.
So what is out for you to snoop today...
  • Tiny collages trying my free machining skills on faces - cute little dolly pics which I might put onto little book fronts or cards (I found the idea on a fab blog - Flutterby Patch)
  • Heaped in the centre are the hand embroidered vintage napkins I found at the car boot sale. I think I will make some lavender bags with them or maybe some vintage bunting.
  • The woolly stuff is gorgeous ginger hair coloured tapestry wool from the same car boot sale. My brand new little teacher niece to be asked me to make her a Katie Morag dolly ready for her class in September - how could an old infants teacher like me refuse!
  • Next to the wool is my latest little poppy dumfling. Shaz in Oz is hoping hers will arrive soon - along with a very tired little owl no doubt!
  • Lots of crafty clutter around from other card making and sewing activities.

AND ......

What do you think of this?
A lovely lady at the car boot sale sold me a big bag of chiffon scarves - I really only wanted a couple but the offer was too good to miss and I use lots of chiffon when I am dumfing pictures and brooches.
I popped them all in the washer and the couldn't resist pegging them up on my line like a rainbow.
Now, the question is.......

How many scarves were in the bag?
They are all there on the line.

I will send my little poppy dumfling to the one who guesses the right number or nearest to it.
(Annie - Wipso - You can't enter cos you know already - but that means you can make sure I don't cheat!!)
Have a great sunny week everyone - enjoy everything Olympic over the weekend.
I am late posting today so I had better nip over to Julia quickly and join in the fun!


Redanne said...

Oh you do find the most amazing things at these sales. Love those scarves, they do look like a rainbow! My guess is 19 although I suspect there are many more - would love to win one of your beautiful treasures.......Happy WOYWW, Anne x #21

Annie said...

Mums the word....I'll not tell but I might be open to bribary....might tell to the highest offer :-) :-)
All I will say is it was one hell of a bargain bag full :-)
A x

Francesca said...

Nice to get a bargin, lovely colours too. I guess 21. Fracnesca #53

Lynn Holland said...

the scarves look great on the line.
I'm away this week but have linked one of our days out
Lynn 47

Kate said...

Great boot sale bargain, I'm guessing 25.

** Kate ** @58 (I don't normally remember the number, but it rhymes today!)

Julia Dunnit said...

The scarves look wonderful - as if you've been flash mobbed by the crafty people! Love the cheeky children, great there no end to your skills, very inspiring you are. Have a marvellous weekend!

JoZart said...

I reckon that there must be at least 23 scarves there. What a find! They aren't found easily these days. Love your little girly embroideries, they wold make great rubber stamps. Lots of lovely doings and dumfings on show today. I've not joined in as I am bogged down with clearing the garage and I was out y'day looking after a relative.
Have fun.
joZarty x

Eliza said...

Oj this is a nice challenge my guess is 38 beautiful colours, what a find. Love the secret you must not tease us like that LOL also your poppy dumfngs are beautiful on your window sill.

Thanks for sharing
Eliza #16

Tina Gilmore said...

Fourteen scarves.

All looks so beautiful Jo, see you next week. xx

donnalouiserodgers said...


love the little kiddies on the desk,

enjoy the sunshne,

have a fab week,
dx 65

Helen said...

Hi Twiglet I am guessing 28! What a lovely washing line you have and a stunning view from your garden too. You have made me want to do a spot of car boot browsing too! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

May said...

Hi my guess 16... They look fab together on the line.. Have a great week, Hugs May x x x#11

SueH said...

Oh I’m loving the rainbow Jo…how pretty. I recon it’s made up with 27 scarves.
You certainly manager to find yourself some lovely bargains at the boot sales you attend…..all I ever find is overpriced toot most of the time.
Hope the wedding goes well at the weekend, I’ll be thinking of you all.

jill said...

What a good find at the car boot. i bet they looked lovely on the line with a gently breeze. jill#32

kay said...

well i am guessing 22 scarves and they look super with the backdrop :)
happy woyww
kay #35

Helen said...

You do love to challenge us! Course it depends if there is more than one of each colour - they look fab by the way - my guess is 26 (just my age, not!!)Hope the wedding goes well, can't wait to share the photo-fest!!
Helen 6

Darla said...

30. I want to know so bad what you are making for a wedding... #102

Anonymous said...

Well I was going to say 30 but seeing as Darla has already guessed that I will go for 31. Great batgain however many there are.
I haven't done WOYWW for a long time but hope I may be back in the running by the end of next month. Ive been a regular snooper even if not a commentator.
Can't wait to see the wedding goodness next week.
x Tricia x

Anonymous said...

That should read - great bargain!!!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think there are 29 of those scarves there. That is such a fun and fabulous photo. It looks like the stuff you see people sharing from that Pinterest site. Good luck trying to machine faces! That seems a challenge. I love your sunny work space.

Trish Latimer said...

love thee rainbow scarves...looks like a cool art installation!! Trish #55

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I reckon there's 17!! What a fab picture of them all on the line, they look so bright and cheerful :)
Hugs, LLJ ~28 xx

Helen said...

I'm guessing 24. Great bargain

EllieWee #130 xx

trisha too said...

What a great find--fourteen?

Beautiful photo, too, so lush and green. Everything here is quite parched, so that green is a refreshing treat!

#137 this week

scrappyjen said...

love the little pics i can see on your desk... now the scarves, erm... 35! happy woyww jenx 61

Gita said...

The poppy paintings are very pretty. Lots and lots of scarves, oh my!!

Di said...

I'm guessing 34. I counted the pegs and then pressed my nose right up against the screen to work out if you'd doubled up some of the scarves. But, I kept being distracted by your fabulous view Jo!!

Have a great time this weekend, fingers crossed here for good weather.

Belated Happy WOYWW, Di xx #13

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I think 32, and I think no one guessed that yet..they are enjoying the slight breeze in their pretty array of colors. Great fun with all your finds. Love a good sale. Have a wonderful fun week.

Neet said...

I am going with 28 but wondering if there are some hiding behind - how many rows is the question - but not to worry they look lovely and you have sunshine!
Love those little children and what great bargains you have managed to find. Happy crafting.
Neet xx 8

RosC said...

I reckon there are about 53 scarves on the line. Jeepers, that seems a lot but I'll stick with that for a chance at a sweet dumfy poppy. It's an interesting number anyway and the rainbow looks just gorgeous.
What a fabulous view the other side of the little clothes line. Stunning.
Happy days,
Ros. #19

Lisa-Jane said...

I think that beautiful photo in that beautiful garden contains 28 scarves. I'm excited to see what you made for the wedding.

Anne said...

Looking forward to seeing the makes for the wedding. The scarves look gorgeous all on the line together like that. My guess is 22. Have a great weekend. Sorry I'm so late. Anne x

Angelfish said...

Well I'm a sucker for a rainbow! I used to buy those scarves in charity shops when I was in the sixth form and used them to tie up my ponytail. I had quite a collection, but still not as impressive as yours :o)
I'm guessing 29 on your washing line.
Fiona xx

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

21!!! *smiles* Norma

Shoshi said...

I think there are 25. But I could be wrong... Wildly wrong, if past experience is anything to go by - I am always hopeless at guessing how many sweets in the jar, the weight of the cake etc. etc.!

It's a fabulous collection, and they look absolutely gorgeous arranged like that on the line. I've always loved chiffon scarves and must find a use for them in my art!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #51

scrappymo! said...

They look lovely on the line. So colourful...I love garage/tag sales too! So much fun.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i wonder, did you use one clothespin or two for each scarf? i counted 29 clothespins so that will be my guess, but perhaps i should check with annie and make a bid! happy WOYWW!
thank you for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Virginia said...

Wow, that is a beautiful line-full.

I think there are 63 scarves up there. BTW I love your felt-work, you are very creative and skillful.

fairy thoughts said...

Oooo, so much to see. Love the poppies on the window sill.I love the way you have made a chiffon rainbow, I think there are 27 scarves but who knows they look wonderful
janet #18

BumbleVee said...

I'm saying 27 .....

Cardarian said...

Sorry I am so late commenting, I love all your sewing projects, but I guess I am too late for the scarf guessing!
Lots of hugs,

Spyder said...

Those little people on your desk look very cute!
Happy WOYWW!