Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW - dainty dumflings

Good morning all - happy Wednesday!
Another week has flown by and here we are again, checking out each other's work desks.
Join in if you dare show us yours - follow this link to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what we are all up to!

My table is covered with dumfing goodies today.
Maxine made some pretty pink dumflings and mounted them on cards - perfect as a little wedding/engagement/thank you notelets. You can see them in detail on her blog - Tilly Tea Dance.
I think she is joining is WOYWW today.

The bags of wool rovings are to share with Annie - lots more scrummy colours from Sara to use in our needle felting. You can also see a piece of wet felted wool that I made over the weekend - waiting for a fun day Monday dumfing day. If you want to see what we have been dumfing this week - pop over to our blog shop -Sisters Crafty Creations - the needle felted pictures look so gorgeous and colourful.

This Monday I cut out 3 little broiderie anglaise pinnies for the little flower girls to wear at the wedding reception.

I think they will look pretty and keep their little frocks clean - at least for a while!!

The 3 little waistcoats that I made a few weeks ago went down very well.

I think I have started a trend - I now have 2 more to do for October.
One little boy loved his so much he wore it all the next day and even had it on over his pyjamas!

That's it for this week.
Enjoy your snoop and thanks for visiting - leave me a comment if you have time - I love to hear from you all.
x Jo


Doone said...

oh those waistcoats are the BEST, only the broiderie anglaise (odd how we use the french term!) pinnies are also very gorgeous.

I have been dry needle felting the animals out of 'mollie makes' and they have a little bear one this month, tis you guys that reminded me not to neglect that particular craft,

As I said to JoZart you two and her should publish....
hmm might get my boy to do a craftzine for us???

take care,

dxxx 66

Di said...

Wow Jo, been waiting to see those gorgeous little pinnies - adorable. And the waistcoats are so cute, laughed about the little chap wearing it over his PJs :)

Happy WOYWW, hugs, Di xx #59

KatzElbows said...

Doone's right, it is odd that we use French to say English embroidery! But I digress. Of course those waistcoats are popular; they're fabulous. And I love the thought of the little boy in his pjs and waistcoat. Watch the catwalks, we'll all be wearing that soon!

happy woywww, rachel #11

Helen said...

Beautiful dresses and waistcoats... love the idea of the boy wearing his over his pj's!! Have a creative week. Helen 16.

Annie said...

The little pinnies are just perfect Jo. Thanks so much for making them.
Biggest hugs,
A x

sandra de said...

The pinnies and the vests are just gorgeous. Will have to check out those little dumflings.
Sandra @43

Karen said...

Oh how cute are the little dresses. They look so much nicer than the jeans and tops I see in the shops! Little girls should wear dresses - my opinion of course.

Trish Latimer said...

Beautiful dresses, so gorgeous! Trish #68

Redanne said...

Love the pinnies and waistcoats, lovely about the little lad and his pj's. Like your waiting piece of felt too, lovely colours. Doone is right - you should publish, you are soooo clever! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #54

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Those pinnies are just adorable! Sharon x 103

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the fact that the little lad didn't want to take his waistcoat off! Neither would I, they're so beautifully made! You must have a lot of patience to do those teeny little buttonholes!!
Hugs, LLJ ~57 xx

jill said...

You've done a fab job in making the wiast coats , happy sewing jill#73

SueH said...

Jo, those little aprons are so sweet, the little ones are going to love them. I can see why the waistcoats went down a storm too!

The wool you’re brought there looks very colourful, I especially love the shades of Blue….it reminds me of the sunny clears Blue sky’s we’re NOT getting at the moment.

Happy Crafting!

Ann B said...

Perfect pinnies and wonderful waistcoats - love the rovings as well and just my colour.
Ann B

Princess Judy Palmer said...

How cute! The waistcoat over his pajamas. Little kids are so cute. Such sweet pinnies too. Happy dumfing-ing to you!

Danielle said...

The little wedding pieces are adorable. And how sweet that one little boy wore his over his pj's. Dani 31

Hazel said...

Beautiful needlework. Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

Angelfish said...

Those little pinnies are gorgeous as are the waistcoats. I do miss making cute clothes for my children. There are so many lovely patterns around now.
Fiona xx #129

Samantha Elliott said...

Aw! Super cute pinnieons there (old family name for them). When I was little my mum used to say "go and put your pinnieon" so I thought they were called pinnieons. Hence the name stuck! I still wear them regularly now!
Those waistcoats are stunning. I always think boys and men look smart with waistcoats on!
Well done Honey for making everyone look smart (and clean)!

Angie said...

I didn't woyww this week but thought I would drop by a few friends.
I find the making of your creations fascinating ....the whole process fascinates me ....maybe you and Anne should do a video for us ...I am sure I am not alone in my wonderment.

I love those waiste coats ...nowonder he didn't want to stop wearing his....and that you have another order.xx

Anne said...

Your work is so lovely. The waistcoats and little pinnies are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

trisha too said...

Charming, charming, charming! It's always so much fun to see what twiglet is doing!

:)trisha, #36 this week (link)

fairy thoughts said...

lovely colours of roving .. look forward to seeing what you make with them.
lots of lovely sewing you have to do. thanks for sharing
janet #7

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

so many neat projects you have going. Love the little waist coats. I can see the little boys eyes sparkle with his new wardrobe addition.
I'm off to visit WOYWW and the 2 you've listed. I really love the felted projects. Thanks for stopping by..hoping for some normal days ahead.

Neet said...

Those little pinnies look good enough to wear on top of their dresses full stop. Those waistcoats are adorable too. You really do make some amazing stuff.
Sorry I am late this week and thanks for the good wishes. Hugs, Neet #47 xx


How amazingly talented are you?! Just love those adorable little clothes you have made - can't believe you actually MADE them! xCathy

Shoshi said...

Adorable little waistcoats and pinnies, and so beautifully lined and finished - gorgeous work. And your dainty dumflings look good enough to eat lol! Gorgeous soft colours.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #4

mark gould said...

Happy late woyww, sorry its been a busy week here. I love woyww, you get to see so many things you would never look at with out it. great stuff, mark

Morti said...

The pinnies are such a good idea! You ought to go into business..... LOL.....

Very sweet waistcoats too, makes me wish I had little bridesmaids/page boys for my wedding next year.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs A. said...

Thepinnies and waistcoats lok so cute. Bet they all look adorable in them. Hugs Mrs A.