Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunny Shrewsbury

Last Friday was a beautiful, sunny evening and after a lovely meal in town, we decided to walk through the park in the centre of Shrewsbury. " The Quarry" is beside the River Severn with Shrewsbury School high on the bank above it.
We wandered back along the riverside, past the School boat house on the opposite bank.

The swans were enjoying the evening too, as were the group rowing near to Grey Friars Bridge.

If you are visitors to the town, then make sure you find your way up to the Quarry and pop into the Dingle. Sit in this beautiful garden and enjoy peace and tranquility for a moment or two!!


Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely. Perfect weather for strolling.

Wipso said...

:-) I know it well. Bliss. :-)
A x

Lyn said...

We went often but never to the park, it looks lovely and peaceful.
Maybe next time?

Jensters said...

It looks so peaceful Twiglet x

Shropshire Suz said...

Sounds like you live close to town?
Thanks feeling a lot better tablets working but l forgot them at the weekend so now have a sore tongue again!!!Silly me
Thanks for the mention and the AF'S looking good
Sorry about the addiction hehe
Hugs x

王周宏儒 said...

不錯唷~我會常常來 >"<..................................................

Tina Gilmore said...

What beautiful photos Twiglet, i love Shrewsbury, haven't had much time to explore it all yet, but this helps. Once, when we were walking over the Weslh Bridge into town we spotted a gorgeous Kingfisher in the trees, so beautiful, alas, i went without my camera....sob!!! Sitting down today to get to grips with some routines, feeling less stressed, just about to get into a relaxing hot bath (nicked some lavender soap from the shop...bliss). May go for a walk later if not raining, you've inspired me, have a nice day xxxxx

Friko said...

You are right, I must go again soon.

diney said...

So peaceful - aaaahh!

Linby said...

Hoping to be visiting in July and will make sure I go to the Dingle. Anymore travel tips?