Sunday, 6 June 2010

Dainty ballerinas!

Just a few photos of the dainty aquilegia growing in my garden at the moment.

Like fuchsia, they always make me think of tiny ballerinas in their delicate, flouncy dresses!

We have about 6 different ones in one corner of our garden.

And then we have this giant, growing up the fence beside them!!
We had the same variety of clematis at our last house and it was a real spectacle with masses of blooms the size if tea-plates.
This one has only just settled in here and has this one, gorgeous bloom.
It is Clematis "Lasurstern" and it should flower again later in the year.
Hope you enjoyed the view!!!


PG said...

Your columbines really are lovely, especially that cream and pink one. I haven't grown any for ages, (vegetables took over!) but I might have to give them a go next year.

Annie said...

How pretty and delicate. My garden is struggling. I have a brown thumb. I'll tend a bit today and see what I can rescue.

her at home said...

In Hampshire they are called Grandmothers Bonnets adn I had heaps in te garden theya re so pretty, they and lupins alwasy remind me of rural England adn the juxtaposiiton one gets between vegetables and flowers in the cottage garden! Just beautiful!

all kinds of everything said...

The aquilegia is very beautiful
I too love to collect differend ones.
And the blue of the clematis is the most beautiful blue I have ever seen.
I now have "Lazurstern"on my garden wish list!

Wipso said...

They all look really pretty here on your blog but I have to say they looked even better in your garden today :-)
A x

Felted House said...

We've still got lots of these just self-seeding around in the garden that we inherited- that large pink and cream one is beautiful. xx

Julia Dunnit said...

h they're fragile looking, I bet they tremble at the slightest breeze.

Paula Gale said...

wow - they are really beautiful... my dad used to have loads of aquiliga - they cross pollinate very easily to make lots of lovely variations on their colours... He also was a massive fan of clematis. At our last house, we had no less than 12 specimens of clematis. The best one being the montana when it was out in May and climbed all the way to the top of a fir tree and across a hedge - it took on the shape of a church with a steeple - all made out of pink flowers - what a lovely sight!!!

Paula x x x

政弘 said...

用行動來支持你~~~不留言不行!........................................ said...

I have some, aren't they just gorgeous! Suzie xx

Lavinia said...

I love those Aqualiga, great pic's.....I have a few in my garden too, always been one of my faves! Not seen that variety before? Can you let me know what it is, would love to get that in my garden!

CreatedandFelted said...

These Aqualiga take me back to my childhood summers spent with my grandparents.
thank you for rousing such happy memories for me.
I shall have to grow some in my little patch of earth.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

OOooohhh they are so beautiful! I'm waiting for my strawberries to rippen at the moment... that's if the birds don't beat me to them!

Linby said...

ooh my fav flowers, love your two tone purple ones. My have all cross fertilised and they are allsorts now.
Has Wipso told you we may be meeting soon!