Thursday, 25 March 2010

Latest challenge!

The daffodils are out and the poppies will follow!!!
Today I have mostly been dumfing.

I had a request for more poppy cards to go in the blog shop so I have been dumfing away all day creating 2 new sets.

Above the half finished poppies, you can see the little daffodils that are nearly ready for my Easter cards. I like to send cards to my friends up in the North - and they love our crafty stuff.

There you go - its been drab and gloomy outside but my house is full of Spring!

M. bought me a pot of hyacinths for Mothers Day and they are in full bloom and the scent is wonderful. ( Wipso - wear your gas mask if you drop in !)

Will blog a pic tomorrow - pity we don't have smelly vision.

PS Poppy cards now in the shop so pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations for a look.

While you're there you might like to leave an idea or two on our wedding challenge page.

Thanks for calling!


Wipso said...

Oh those are so gorgeous sis. Bet you're really thrilled with the results.
A x

mckinkle said...

Hello Twiglet, I have fallen in love with one of your poppy felted creations. Sorry I dont know the technical term, felting is a very new craft to me :/

I would LOVE to buy one of the poppies but not made up into a card. Being a cardmaker there's no point in me buying a card! I wouldn't want it as a card anyway, I love it just as it is.

Can you tell me please if I am able to buy one of your gorgeous poppies. I have a particular favourite in mind if you are making anymore?

Keryn x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh they are so cheerful and you are so clever. Is Wipso all 'sickly smell' over the hyacinths then? Gawd, that's me with lilies.

Lynne said...

Those cards are lovely, and I love the way that the purple ones in an earlier post matched the flowers.
Seeing your 'dumpfed' pictures has got me interested in getting an embellisher. I don't expect I will be getting one immently though, if at all. I can wish though.

Gez said...

Super dumfing Jo.xx They look so bright & cheerful. Enjoy your flowers.xx

Shelly said...

The new dumps are lovely...Shelly

Felted House said...

These just look so cheerful and lovely!
My OH can't stand smelly flowers in the house - hyacinths and narcissi are banned!! Which is a shame as I love them. Perhaps I'll have to have some in a movable pot I can put outside just before he comes home.xx



Jensters said...

These are just wonderful.

Calico Kate said...

Really impressed with the cards Twiglet. And dead jealous of your machine!