Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday smile


This week it is a real live creature who is enjoying his breakfast in my garden.
I watched him dig up an acorn and then sit up on my fence munching away at it.

Join in with the Friday Smiles over on Annie's "A stitch in time blog"
x Jo


Annie said...

Hehe he's using your garden as his larder :-) Fab pic.
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is adorable. I applaud you for being at the right place at the right time to get this photo. And yes, I'm definitely smiling.

Laura said...

Gorgeous photo!

cockney blonde said...

How cute, well done capturing his antics, x

JoZart said...

I had to laugh as these little critters plant acorns all over my garden and I am constantly finding seedlings needing to be uprooted. The trouble is I cannot find an Oak tree anywhere in our area so they must travel with them.
Missed you all whilst i've been away,
Jo x

Julia Dunnit said...

What a great shot you got! Hope that misty start has burned off into a glorious day!

glitterandglue said...

Hello Jo. Great smile pic this morning - I love watching the antics of squirrels - think they are fabulous fun. Just to say the parcel arrived safely this morning - two beautiful little dolls - now, of course, what this means is that you can no longer say you can't knit little things.... Another string to your already well laden bow!!!

Thank you.
God bless.

trisha too said...

Oh they're adorable, all right--until they start tearing up your tulips!!!

Sometimes they sit on our deck railing eating the birdseed. If their little squirrels backs are to us, and if it's a nice day and the door is open, we sneak out and touch their tails.

Just in case you're wondering--they do NOT like it!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photo Jo. I believe he was very lucky to find that acorn ... apparently they forget where they bury them and often dig up some other squirrel's booty instead :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Hettie said...

Haa Haa! Our bag of compost in the shed is full of acorns! We keep getting the odd oak plant popping up in our plant pots despite pulling them out.

fairy thoughts said...

Morning jo what a great shot and such a handsome looking chap.... Or lady
Have a good week and thanks for sharing

mamapez5 said...

He's lovely. I love watching the squirrels. It amazes me they can always find their hidden hoards when they need a snack. Kate x

Caro said...

What a gorgeous has captured him perfectly. Thanks for the smile. Caro x (#12)

BumbleVee said...

awww... a little cutie...ours are back to hibernation today I'm sure.....