Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday smile

The first snowdrops of 2014 - spotted last Sunday under the hedgerow!
Well that always makes me smile - just the thought of Spring being just round the corner.

Today is January 17th and I always reflect on our parents happy marriage - now 72 years ago.
Though no longer with us, I remember how they described their wartime wedding - Mum in a powder blue suit and Dad in RAF uniform, I think. It's a shame there are no photos of that happy day.
(I could write more but I have just popped over to Annie's blog so I can link up and surprise, surprise - she has written about it too. She has said it all so beautifully, I don't need to say more)

So raise a glass to that young couple who enjoyed a happy life together and who left a warm loving place in lots of folks hearts.

See what makes others smile over on Annie's blog "A stitch in time"


Annie said...

Beautiful snowdrops Jo and how lovely that we both share such special memories of our Mum and Dad today.
Annie x

Hettie said...

Bootiful snowdrops there. One of my favourite flowers. They give me hope that Spring is on its way, though we haven't yet had a proper winter yet - just dreich!
Ours aren't as advanced as yours though.

505whimsygirl said...

Love these flowers!

I didn't know you and Annie are sisters. When I first started reading your post I thought - wow - two people whose parents were married on the same day!

Beautiful memories you two share.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Is there anything more perfect except perhaps the winter aconite of which I have three out at present and am longing for more if the mice have not found the corms over winter.

MaggieC said...

How lovely that the two of you can share those happy memories. That is one downside to being an only one, all the memories are with me. I am trying to gather as much together as I can for my family to share. I have photos of my parents' wedding but I have no idea of the colours they wore.
I love those snowdrops, a real promise of better things to come.
xx Maggie

Laura said...

Fabulous snowdrops. Mine haven't shown any signs of life yet!

akilli melek said...

wow can't believe the flowers are out already.
just popping in to say hello