Friday, 3 January 2014

Finished by Friday and a smile - or two!!

Just two of my latest little sock dolls finished by Friday and here to make you smile!
Above is Tree Fu Tom and below is Mr Bloom.

Now of course I don't normally watch CBeebies, except on a Monday when I am at Annie's with the twins.
They love Tree Fu Tom and I imagine sooner or later I will have to make them an outfit like I made for my friend's grandsons. (See it here).
But, for now, they will probably be happy with a little sock doll.
They also love Mr Bloom who has a garden full of puppets called the Veggies.
I think I might have a go at little Veggy puppets too but maybe next week!!!

 I am sure they are cute enough to make you smile - but if not, then pop over to Annie's blog to see what is making her smile today.

Happy New Year all!
x Jo


Nan G said...

Oh my goodness! Smile indeedily, as Hels would say. They are so huggably adorable! Happy New Year hugs.

Elizabeth said...

They are gorgeous Jo, I'm sure the twins will be thrilled with them - they could become their new best friends :) Elizabeth xx

mamapez5 said...

They are great Jo. One of my sons carried his 'sock-doll' around tucked under his arm, until the neck wore out! I am sure the twinnies will love these. Kate x

Annie said...

Hehehe I'm grinning at these Jo.....I just know they will love them. Thanks sooooooo much.
Annie x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Twiglet - those dolls are a delight.

Laura said...

I won't pretend to know who they are but they did make me smile :)

Anne said...

I know who they are :-) ( four grandchildren) Mr Bloom was on Celebrity Master Mind tonight :-) couldn't place him at first. Thanks for the smile Anne x

by Gill said...

cute dolls x

fairy thoughts said...

I don't know the characters buy they did make me smile, I must ask Erin who they are lol

Spyder said...

I thought he might be Spock form Star Trek, he is lovely!! Happy Friday Smiles!


Hettie said...

No idea who they are but they are super adorable!

Neet said...

Gorgeous, and I love the names you have given to them.
Made me smile.
Hugs, Neet xx