Wednesday, 6 November 2013

WOYWW and a "500th post" celebration give away.!!

 Well, believe it or not, this is my 500th blog post!
I decided a little celebration giveaway would be a good idea, so above are a few of my latest makes which will be parcelled up and sent to whoever wins it.
If you want to enter then just leave a comment telling me..........
 what you would fill the little desk tidy/gift holder with if you were going to give it to someone.
The little item on the left is a tissue holder for your handbag and of course on the right is one of my little woolly lavender hearts.
If you want a better look at the desk tidy then just scroll down to yesterday's post below.

My desk is covered with some of Maxine's needle-felted pictures that I have brought home to mount and frame ready to sell. We are doing a craft fair before Christmas.
Also, my fabric stash is still waiting for me to get going with!!

I will try to leave a quick message on as many desks as possible so you get a chance at the giveaway.
Popping over to Julia's Stamping Ground now to add my name to Mr Linky.
Have a great week

Thanks for calling.
x Jo


Annie said...

Hi Jo. I'd fill my desk tidy with crafty bits and bobs and give it to you....but of course you've got one already :-) Love the poppy dumfing.
A x

Lynn Holland said...

I'd put a bar of chocolate a little bottle of wine, a little book and a lot of time to relax.
Congratulations Jo on your lovely blog success

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 500th blogpost! And how nice that you organized a little give-away.
What I'd fill it with is depending on the receiver: For a cardmaker, I'd put crafting supplies (some stamps, ink, paper) in it.
For textile crafters, I'd add some scraps of fabric, needles, nice wool.
For someone who likes to read: A book, or a giftcard, something nice to drink and a snack while reading.
So many options!
Oh wait, I'd try to find a fitting bowl/vase and put flowers in it!
Lovely items you made, and I still love those needle felted poppies!

Debbie / Daqa # 57

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I can't beat Debbies's suggestions above! She's got it covered :-)
I love the fabrics you've used and the grey heart is really gorgeous!
Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

Sandy said...

My sons friend is in hospital so this might be good to have next to her bed with some goodies in it.. The felting looks wonderful will be beautiful framed..
Sandy :) #32

tilly said...

such a lovely gift, I think I would pop a few small Christmas gifts in at this time of year, a winter smelling candle, your lavender heart,and a small jar or 2 of christmas goodies i.e. mincemeat

Anne said...

Congrats on 500 posts. The items are beautiful. I think it would depend on who I gave it to. A knitter for example some beautiful needles, stitch markers and gorgeous yarn.A cross stitcher -a design and threads and some pretty scissors. Maybe hand cream in choccies included as well.I could go on and on :-)
Love the poppy picture. Anne x #63

Neet said...

I love that poppy picture. Gorgeous!

Congratulations on your 500th post and what a lovely giveaway you are offering.

I would probably put a tiny plant inside, say a hyacinth which will flower at Christmas, or a tiny poinsettia or Christmas cactus. Well wrapped so as not to wet the bag of course. Then the recipient could have a small gift voucher for the craft shop of their choice attached to it to fill it later when the Christmas period has gone.

Hugs, Neet xx

Carole said...

Yes congratulations of your 500th post. WOW. What a beautiful gift that would make..I would fill the desk tidy with a bottle of bubble bath, some lovely English soaps and lotions and give it to a young mother with a babysitting coupon for my free child care while she pampers herself. Carole # 72

Eliza said...

Alright I have to be honest here I wouldn't fill it and give it away I would keep it for myself and fill it with all the craft things that Yoda and I would like to play with. I have been honest, can't hold that against me can you! If I had to give it away and was not allowed to keep it, then Di would get it filled with lollies, yep all the way to the top and we would eat them on DiZa day, you can read about DiZa day on my blog.

Great needle felted pictures they will be snapped up soon at the fair, good luck with it all and sell everything.

Happy crafting and Thanks for sharing.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 1

Eliza said...

Oh I forgot to add Congratulations on your 500th blog post wow that is a lot of posts.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

famfa said...

500 - congratulations. Gorgeous creations. I would put in a pair of hand knitted socks and a bar of chocolate - what more could anyone need?
Famfa 11

The Weaver of Grass said...

It would be perfect for all those bits and bobs you need and can never find at the moment you need them. Say - a small stapler and pack of staples, a rubber, a sharp pencil, a small pair of scissors, a note book, a small box of envelope labels - golly I think my box is full to overflowing. It is lovely though. Congrats on reaching 500.

peggy gatto said...

I enlarged it to see the details, my it is just beautifully made!!!
congratulations on your blogging!!!
I would put some bulbs for planting!

Chrissie said...

Oh my what lovely, lovely things!
Your poppy picture is absolutely STUNNING!
Who needs stuff in a desk tidy when the desk tidy is so fabby just by itself!
Chrissie 60

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Those felted needle crafts are so neat. If I were to take up another hobby.... which my hubby would kill me before I had a chance to start. I love the black and hot pink fabric you used in your desk tidy. I would fill it with adhesives and a snack or two because both are important when paper crafting.

JoZart said...

congratulations Jo on your blogaversary. Love your generous prize but please don't count me in as I've received so much from you already that someone else should share and be as lucky as me!
Jo x
sneaking under the wire at 100

JoZart said...

congratulations Jo on your blogaversary. Love your generous prize but please don't count me in as I've received so much from you already that someone else should share and be as lucky as me!
Jo x
sneaking under the wire at 100

JoZart said...

congratulations Jo on your blogaversary. Love your generous prize but please don't count me in as I've received so much from you already that someone else should share and be as lucky as me!
Jo x
sneaking under the wire at 100

Gill said...

I'd add some chocolate and a bottle of damson gin and hope you'd like it as much as I would!

sandysewin said...

Congrats on your blogaversary! How nice of you to organize a giveaway.

That little bin looks like the perfect size to hold patterns I'm planning to sew. :-)

Those needle felted pics are utterly gorgeous!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #4

Spyder said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulation on you 500th post. first your poppies are lovely! What would I put in there...Mmmmm?..chocolate....and more chocolate....or something lovely for a soak in the bath....or for the gardener, seeds and bulbs.... or crafty stuff....or posh teas and coffee's ....or very small things!
Happpy WOYWW!!
((Lyn)) #36

Helen said...

Congrats on the 500 milestone! The desk tidy is so pretty I am not sure I could part with it, but I would fill it with chocolate! Helen 7

Alison Wade said...

Happy WOYWW and congrats on your 500th post. How generous of you to give away your gorgeous creations. If I was giving away the desk tidy, I would fill it with some tags/frames cut on my Silhouette Cameo, a bag of buttons, bundle of ribbon and a glitter pen. Ali x #55

The Taming of the Glue said...

Many congratulations on 500 and what a generous give away. I think I'd fill it with a handbag for my daughter's 30th birthday. She's always wanted a bag so posh it came in it's own bag and your caddies are so gorgeous it would be perfect. Hugs. Pam#37

KatzElbows said...

500? But you don't look a day over 490. Sorry about that, I should be saying congrats. I think I'd fill the caddy with homemade pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate. Not sure why, but there we are. And what fabulous art you've shown us all. A wonderful desk as ever.

Happy WOYWW,
Love Rachel #46

Robyn Oliver said...

Congrats on your 500th post Jo. Love your fabric work ...and... I think I'd give this to my daughter who has just had our first grand child...Sophie and fill it with bits for a new, a parenting magazine,thank you cards (I've been making for her)and a pen, pack of her favourite tea and home made cookies, (I'm really in the home made mode at present), a new top so she feels special. Cheers and happy crafting RobynO#40

Donna Wheat said...

congratulations on your 500th post, I've a long way to go until I hit that milestone. I think I would put lots of crafty goodies in the desktidy and give it to one of my crafty friends as I know they would appreciate the desktidy more than none crafty friend, Donna #42

Julie Ann Lee said...

Sorry this is rather late! There's not time for anything at the moment! Now what a lovely desk tidy! What would I put in it? I wish that I could think of something truly original; but I think my scissors would be favourite because they always go 'walkabout'; next comes my glasses because they are so easily led astray! I'd then add a selection of ribbons to match the project I'm working on and my favourite ink pads! Have a great WoYWW! Julie Ann xx #43

Julie Ann Lee said...

PS Congrats on all those wonderful blog posts! I just realized that the contents of the gift tiday was supposed to be a gift for someone else! I'm so tired I'm just not concentrating properly!I'm not really totally self-obsessed - honest! I'll start again! I think scissors would still be included; a needle case, sticky tape, beautiful ribbons and gorgeous coloured ink pads! Happy WOYWW. Julie Ann xx #43

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo congratulations on 500 posts this is an amazing community isn't it?
There is only one thing to put in the bin..... chocolate of course, we crafters need sustenance as well as stash
have a good week
janet #38

glitterandglue said...

Hello Jo. Congratulations on 500 posts! Just LOVE those felted pictures - they are great. The desk tidy - now, let's see - thinking of one particular friend...I would fill it with bath stuff, chocolates, candle and a book. This particular friend spends so much time and energy giving out to others, it would be good to bless her with something just for her.
Have a great week.
Margaret #49

BumbleVee said...

Hey Twiglet...congrats on the 500th.... but, don't put my name in for the draw.... I am trying to give away some things on my own desk at the moment...and must not..absolutely must not! put anything else on there! .. but, I do want to say hello and congrats ! I love coming to read your blog and see what wonderful things you are up to over here ... in the lovely countryside...sigh.... still sighing at the greenery out your window...... some day I want to come and play at your house.

peggy apl said...

Congratulations on 500 posts! Hmmm, of course I would want to keep it for myself and fill it up with crafting tools but if it were a gift for someone else, perhaps some organic shampoo, lotion, soaps, etc would make a nice gift.
Happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS@6

peggy apl said...

Congratulations on 500 posts! Hmmm, of course I would want to keep it for myself and fill it up with crafting tools but if it were a gift for someone else, perhaps some organic shampoo, lotion, soaps, etc would make a nice gift.
Happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS@6

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Congrats on your 500th Post, lots of fun things throughout all that time.
Your 3 items are lovely. Mother had made herself one of these tidy up boxes,and I am now wondering where did that go? I'd no doubt give one to my sister, a quilter, little templates, those precious "FAT QUARTERS", fun little accessories, and a fun little Chrismas Quilt Magazine.
Have fun preparing for the Christmas Craft Fair and I LOVE the needle felted picture.
Thanks for stopping by, the chance to win, and enjoy a lovely week

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Jo,

Congratulations on your 500th post! I have a ways to go before I reach that goal.

Hmm, what would I fill the desk tidy/gift holder with? First thing would be something that I made - maybe a few of my spa cloths with a nice bar of soap. Yep, that would be a perfect little gift!

If I were using it for a desk tidy I would put all my bits leftover from whatever current project I'm working on. Or, I may just use it as a display and put some of my yarn in it and put it up on my bookshelf - for all to admire.

The felting is absolutely beautiful - I love how you are framing them.

Peace, Kay (5)

BumbleVee said...

Hey Jo...I checked ...I'm up to 833 posts... what an old windbag...but, I don't even post regularly...I should get on with it and when I hit a round number ... have a giveaway too...maybe it could be a Christmas thing ...if I hurry ...hahhahahha

voodoo vixen said...

Congratulations and jubilations... sung to the well known cliff song (now that's gonna go round in your head for ages and drive you nuts)and what a fabulous gift you have on offer! You mean I got to give it away? Poop... I was kinda hoping to keep it for me and have it on my desk for everyday tools.... but if I gotta give it away... then maybe a little mini book and some crafty things like stamps... Annette #14

Mrs.D said...

Love your desk tidy, but actually I would put my knitting and some wool in it, or my crochet. So much more attractive than the plastic bag currently in use.
William Morris, who said 'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful' would approve on both counts.
bless you
Chris #65

Ladybird World Mother said...

500!! Well done you... that's an awful lot of writing and thoughts.. brilliant stuff. xxxx