Friday, 1 November 2013

Finished by Friday and a smile

Just thought you might like to see the little chunky cardis that I have made for Annie's two grand daughters.
They have a lovely light but cosy feel to them.
Hope they like them.

My smile for the day was the view through my kitchen window.

I know it's not a good picture - I was zooming in to the scene over the far side of the field.
Five magpies were hopping all over this young bullock, pecking at its coat.
I have seen film of Ox-pecker birds in Africa doing this but never thought it happened over here.

The bullock sat patiently whilst the magpies pecked, presumably at ticks or flies on its fur.
(It was quite a shaggy young thing)
Eventually they pecked too hard and he stood up and shook them off!!
That's country life for you.

Join in with the Friday smiles over at Annie's "A stitch in time blog".

Happy weekend to you all.

x Jo


Annie said...

I guess they reached itches that other birds just couldn't reach :-)
Annie x

Pearly Queen said...

Five for silver...


Andrea said...

belated woyww wishes .What sweet cardi's love the colours used they are going to look adorable in them. loved the bullock shots who'd have thought magpies and cows would work so well together ..or is it anything for a free meal!.. great photos. have a fab week ahead crafty hugs Andrea#25

Hettie said...

What a lot of bull!! Never knew magpies would do that!!
Great moment to capture.

fairy thoughts said...

Hope you get something silver turn up seeing 5 magpies :-)

BumbleVee said...

Magpies! give 'em an inch and they try to take all your fur!

peggy gatto said...

How fun!!!!
Grand view!!!