Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday smile

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Good morning all!

More birds to show you this week.
All the photos are taken through my kitchen window - hence they are a bit fuzzy - yes maybe I could have cleaned the window first!

The young Woodpecker seemed to be admiring his bright red cap as he gazed into the birdbath - he eventually took a sip of water but resisted the urge to bathe.

The young Great Tit in the rest of the photos was grazing for spiders on my patio furniture and spent ages looking up into the nooks and crevices before dashing in and pecking at them.

Our garden is full of youngsters at the moment and this week we have had young Goldfinches and Green finches too.

I chuckled as I saved these photos to a Picasa collage because I named the collage "Tits".
So if anyone googled that subject and came up with my birds, I hope you enjoyed view!

For more Friday smiles just pop over to Annie's "A stitch in time" blog and see what the others have found to make them smile this week.

x Jo


Annie said...

I don't make a habit of googling 'tits' Jo but I know what you mean :-)
Love the collage esp that gorgeous woodpecker.....not seen ours for ages.
A x

Laura said...

Lovely pics. I make a point of being very specific when I google birds for pictures to copy or draw!

Angela Toucan said...

fabulous photos

Angie said...

I wish i live near you ...I'd be round just to bird watch amazing are they. Then you gave us a laugh ...I would love to see the expressions on the faces of those who clicked ...hoping for something that wasn't feathered. xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

That naming thing is the kind of thing I would do in all innocence and then see the significance of afterwards twiglet.

Our garden is full of baby birds too - they ae a delight to watch aren't they?

Caro said...

Gorgeous photos... such a lovely montage. Thanks for sharing a smile. Caro x (#10)

Tracy said...

So pretty!

mamapez5 said...

Lucky you to have a woodpecker baby in your garden.
You might start getting some 'funny' e-mails from strangers now. I imagine there might be quite a few folk who google 'tits' every now and then! Lol.
Have a great week. Kate x

RosC said...

That woodpecker is so handsome! What a lovely view from the kitchen window, Jo.
...I was thinking that if you get strange inquiries about these tits, you could just say they've been eating turkey sandwiches.

Neet said...

Oh wow Jo, I remember how excited I got when ONCE I saw a woodpecker in our garden. Never before and never since. How lovely to have all of those birds and well worthy of a smile.
Hugs, Neet xx

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Lovely photos. Sadly I have not seen many young birds this year, but I am getting a stack of new nest boxes put up this year, ready for next year, including a sparrow terrace and a couple of Swift boxes in the hope of tempting them back to nest. I really miss their screaming cry as they used to swoop between the houses. Thank you for your visit this week. I am so slow in answering due to life getting in the way again. Just settled to watch the tennis on Sunday when the neighbour came to tell me that I had a major flat tyre on the Disco. So it was a frantic hunt for my current AA card to get the to change the wheel. Then heart failure set in, when the mechanic forgot that the Disco has transmission braking (not on the wheel but on the prop shaft). That meant that as he started to jack it up, it started to roll down the drive towards the scaffolding - serious panic!!!!! Then I had the bright idea of calling Severn Trent to find out who was responsible for the main sewer, which in our road runs through our gardens, not along the road. Now I am waiting for a team to come today to investigate and see if they can find out why it keeps blocking. What have I started? I think it is time for bed!!! xx