Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Good morning all!
Today you see my attempt at making a tag flag book like Jo made for me.
I have managed to make the concertina bit and some tags to stick my ATCs onto.
I would have made more progress but the sunshine tempted me out into my garden!
Any excuse - can you tell I am not a natural with papercraft? Give me a needle and thread any day.
Speaking of which......
Look at all these lovely threads that I bought for Annie at the car boot sale!
Plus, on the right, is a really pretty vintage lace hankie and a pale blue linen lace edged table runner.
I love finding beautiful, useful bargains like this.
On top of the hankie are two pretty little bracelets made from polymer clay beads - I am thinking scrapbox dollies beady arms and legs!
I hope you are all enjoying this fab weather - what a glorious week it's been so far.
I bet it was a bit hot for Andy on Sunday but .. didn't he do well!!
Ok folks.
Have a great week - see you around your WOYWW desks later on.
x Jo


Anne said...

I am sure your book will be great. Love all the threads etc. You always seem to find such lovely items at car boot sales. Happy WOYWW Anne x # 50

Annie said...

Tag book making eh? What ever next? ;-)
Thanks for the threads Jo. Now all I need is time to use some of them :-)
Annie x

Joanne said...

All those threads, wow. I still work with cotton I've had for over 50yrs. Says how much sewing I do!!
Happy woyww

Julie Ann Lee said...

The garden certainly is tempting at the moment. I love the bargains you found! There's something so satisfying about discovering a good bargain. I'm that tag book will turn out fabulously in the end. Looking forward to seeing it. Julie Ann #55

Karen said...

Love your car boot treasures!! I've got cotton here which was my Nan's so it's donkeys years old! A good crafter will always see something in an item no one else does! Happy WOYWW! ♥ Karen ♥ 70 x

Pyro-jack said...

So both sisters branching out into paper craft! But I do like your fabric work, so keep that going as well as your new ventures!

Have a great week,

John W (Pyro-jack #68)

sandra de said...

Nothing in your fist pic to suggest you are not a papercrafter. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Great car boot haul.
Sandra de @84

Neet said...

Yes, the tennis was well worth watching!
isn't it lovely that we are able to sit outside in the early evening. Something that happens not often for us.
Glad you are enjoying this weather and hope it continues and comes back time and time again - about time we had a decent summer.
Hugs and thanks for visiting me. - Neet xx 9

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, you're not alone in being tempted out into the sun ... we get so little we have to take every opportunity we can and the book will be there when the sun has gone :)

Love you car boot finds, the threads will be useful and the lacy hankie and runner are beautiful.

The tennis was nail-biting ... I was so stressed out by the time Andy won that I had to lie down for a bit. But didn't he do well ... I'm still grinning just thinking about it :))

Hope you have a good day. Elizabeth x #57

voodoo vixen said...

Jo, you always have such pretty finds to show, love the lace hankies and those beads will be perfect for little dollies! Your tag book looks like it is coming along nicely and I agree, if the sun is shining, the garden is the place to be!! Annette

JoZart said...

Why don't you make your blank book and fill it with lots of little sewing notions, bits of embroidery, fabric etc.?
That was a good stash you found.
Trust you to guess that I will make something from my metal samples. They were supposed to go on a board but I think they will make great mini book covers.
Jo x

ike said...

Great threads - that's a fab find :-) So glad you are getting some sun :-D


IKE xx #93

SueH said...

You may not be a ‘Paper Crafter’ Jo but you’re certainly making a good joy of that tag book. What a fab way to store your ATC’s.
Lovely boot sale bargains again too, especially the piece with the Blue lace… pretty is that.

Happy Crafting!
Sue @ 79

Sandy Leigh said...

I am ooohing and ahhhing over your beautiful threads and that table runner. I've been wanting to make a table runner, but I do love those white table runners with the pretty edges. Thanks for visiting me today--I got so busy because daughter was not feeling well, and I almost forgot to link up! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #95

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Thrilling threads! And a bargain to boot...well done you!
I know what you mean about not being a natural paper neither!!! ThevATCs were about all I could manage.....
Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

glitterandglue said...

What lovely threads and fabric - well found. I have just brought lots home from my dad's house - pretty hankies, fabric runners, dressing table name it I found it! But how do you get the "rust" marks out of old fabric??? Been folded up so long that some pieces are quite marked. Any ideas you can give me??
Have a great week with your papercrafting.
Margaret #66

Cardarian said...

Oh anybody can be tempted by the sun outside these days! I am so much tempted I lost my mojo! But he will come back - especially as it has been raining just now! But summer rain is nice too as the air has this lovely fresh smell! What a great haul you have there - your sister will be very happy!
Lots of hugs,

pearshapedcrafting said...

Well done for sticking with it - it will look good when it's done! It really has been great weather hasn't it? I loved your bird pics BTW! Chris96

trisha too said...

I've been right with you out in the garden, Jo--until yesterday, uhyuck, so hot here!

Thank you for visiting me this WOYWW, I appreciate your comment!

delighted to be #26 this week, instead of my usual 200--something!

Krisha said...

The sunshine seems to be getting the best of everybody!! You desk looks interesting, and I am looking forward to seeing your tag book
Krisha #5

glitterandglue said...

So glad you liked the pictures and recognised some of the dresses. Louise spoke so very highly of the pair of you when we met last week. You have both worked so hard to help those out there. Thank you.
Thanks for the tip - I'm off to look it up!!
Margaret #66

Spyder said...

A tag book does sound like fun, I'm still trying to make an ATC book... no luck with my ideas yet, maybe soon! Have a great week!

Happy WOYWW!

peggy apl said...

happy WOYWW! i'm happy to get a chance to peek at your desk today! glad to hear the weather is lovely there! and i always love to find bargains wherever they are!
peggy aplSEEDS@18

Debs said...

oooohhhh lovely threads
great for stitching into paper :-)

Caro said...

You and I are complete opposites...I am much happier with papercrafts than with needle and thread! love the look of your bargains though. Thanks for sharing and happy belated WOYWW. Caro x (#71)

KatzElbows said...

I'm sure your tag book will be great, but maybe you should try make something t of fabric for your ATCs, since her happier playing with fabric an paper? Just a thought.

Thank you for visiting and happy belated WOYWW.
Cheers, Rachel #69