Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday smile from the bird woman of Churchstoke!!

 Look who is gazing out of my kitchen window!

This cheeky little Blue Tit flew in through my open kitchen door, across my kitchen and bumped his head on my window by the sink.
Stunned, he sat gasping for a moment so I quickly opened the window and drew the curtains, expecting him to fly out pretty quickly.
Ten minutes later he was still sitting there gazing at the view!!
In the end I tickled him out through the open window with my long, fluffy duster.
He flew off into the garden happily and seemed perfectly Ok after his adventure.

I love my birds but I think they should stay in the garden really!

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x Jo


Annie said...

What a cute little visitor Jo. Think he was enjoying the view. :-)
Annie x

Nan G said...

Such a lovely birdie come for a visit. :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I expect it was a young one - they don't seem very street-wise do they?
Still, at least he was unhurt and after all he did allow you to get a couple of good photos of him

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, At least he, almost certainly a junior, didn't panic and start flying all around the kitchen - something that happened to me once. I love birds too but there place is the garden. I'm smiling at the picture you conjured up of you with a feather tickling stick :) Elizabeth xx

Angie said...

How amazing ...great photo to have too xx

Laura said...

Aw! 'But Jo, it's so nice in here... can't I stay a while?'

Hettie said...

She was only wondering why YOU stand at this window staring out for so long!
Great pic.