Friday, 14 December 2012

Finished by Friday - Advent day 14

Red is the colour!!!
My latest little shrug - finished this week. I have another larger one on the go.
I have been knitting these for the little girls for about 4 years and I just keep making the body a bit bigger and the sleeves a bit longer!
This little dolly is winging her way through the postal system - I wonder who will receive her?
These berries were frosted over in a winter wonderland yesterday. Today all is wet and gloomy so I am glad I snapped them when I did.

Right - head down with my picture gift sewing now - I love this bit, when they all start to come together. I can't show you what I am up to - that would spoil the surprises but after Christmas I will do a "picture post".
That's it for today - I hope I can find something to post about tomorrow!!!
x Jo


Annie said...

Love your red post Jo....maybe tomorrow's could be green :-)
A x

found and sewn said...

lovely red shrug!

JoZart said...

Now Annie is being a bit optimistic that you could rustle up green things by tomorrow but knowing you, you've already got some made! Lovely post today... keep it up, it's good!
Jo x

SusanLotus said...

I love your sweet little dolly! :)

Christals Creations said...

Fab little shrugs.