Friday, 21 December 2012

Advent day 21

Day 21  Advent  countdown

When two of my Yorkshire friends came to stay I taught them how to dumf (needle felt).
They loved it so, I packed little bags of wool rovings and yarns and sent them home to have fun. Even now, they still get together for a little dumfing session and really enjoy it.
The little shepherd above was made by one of them and sent to me as my Christmas card this year. How special is that? I love it - thanks Pat!!!

Not many sleeps left till Christmas.
Have a fun filled few days finishing off your preparations.

x Jo


Angie said...

I have so enjoyed dropping by your Advent List this year ...have a wonderful Xmas and a Happy New year. xx

Annie said...

Oh how lovely Jo and so special that Pat dumfed it for you.
A x

Redanne said...

The dumpf is fabulous! How lovely to receive it too. Hugs, Anne x

JoZart said...

That is so lovely and even nicer that the skills were passed on by your fair hands and friendship!
Jo x

Jensters said...

This is wonderful and i remember you telling me about dumffing