Saturday, 22 December 2012

Advent day 22

This was my Christmas view last year.
This weekend its just cold wet and gloomy and certainly not as beautiful as this.
I don't think the forecast is for snow so we will make the best of this festive scene instead.

See you tomorrow.
x Jo


Annie said...

You can keep the pretty white stuff Jo....makes it too slippy under foot for me. We have enjoyed a chuckle with all we met in the shops today so there is plenty of festive cheer out there :-)
A x

Redanne said...

A truly gorgeous scene Jo, somehow I think we will just have to put up with the rain this year..... Hugs, Anne x

JoZart said...

That does look so gorgeous from last year but I think it's easier to put up with the cold and rain as long as it doesn't flood. Our flower beds are all under water and we don't normally get it this bad.
Stay warm and well...
Jo x

Linda D said...

Plenty of time for snow - winter isn't over yet! In the meantime, hope you haven't had any problems with all the rain.
Merry Christmas - whatever the weather!

Carol said...

It has stopped raining at last but I think I preferred it to the white stuff, i've booked that to arrive Christmas morning.

Carol xx

BumbleVee said...

Looks like right here...right now!