Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WOYWW - Dragon fly dreams

Happy Wednesday to all who pop over here today to check out my crafting table and see what I have been up to. If you are not sure what it's all about then just pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and you can join in!

I will expose a rather untidy table later, but firstly I wanted you to see the needle felted picure that I made for a birthday gift for a very special little girl and her family.

(Click on picture to enlarge it so that you can see it properly)
I was asked to make a dragon fly picture with a beautiful sky and lots of twinkly bits.
I had such a lovely time creating it and adding all the little details - my problem is knowing when to stop.
Now I know the recipients love it too, I am happy!!!

So what's on the work table then.......

Well -
  • the bright cheery knitting is one of 3 little girls' hoodies that I am knitting for Annie's munchkin bunch.
  • there is an idea in my Stitch mag than I am thinking of adapting. I love the sea-theme and colours.
  •  little Katie Morag is waiting to be claimed. Annie's daughter had the other and I made her another story sack, like the one I made last week.
The rest of the stuff needs tidying up and putting away but I am hopeless at that bit!!!

That's about it. Hope you all have a great week  and if you pop over here - thanks for coming and leaving lovely messages - you are a fab bunch!

See you soon
x Jo


Annie said...

The photo of your latest pic doesn't do it justice at all Jo. It's so much more.....perfect.
A x

Bridget Larsen said...

Our knitting season is almost over thank goodness, welcome to spring and then summer
Bridget #7

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Beautiful felt picture. I've never seen anything like this before. I love the twinkly bits. I have to say the dragonfly is my favorite.

Happy WOYWW #66 AJ-

Di said...

Wow Jo, I totally adore the dragonfly picture, it's gorgeous!!

Super knitting going on too - do you ever sit still and just meditate? Snigger, I thought not :)

Happy WOYWW, Di xx #10

Helen said...

The dragonfly picture is gorgeous!!! Have a great week, Helen 19

Lynn Holland said...

My Doodly birds are in love with Katie Morag and want her to come and play. Be warned though a big scary Doodly will be guarding our gate this week. Even I don't like him and I made him. Watch out on Saturday on the blog
Lynn xx 65

Lisa-Jane said...

I think the beauty of dragonflies are underestimated compared to butterflies but you've done a fantastic job of proving its worth there - such a gorgeous project.

okienurse said...

gorgeous dragonfly picture! I love the colorful yarn you are knitting with! Very bright and cheerful...need that for winter. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #68


That must have been one very pleased little girl :) I have my second and third top ideas ready to start and then I plan to make some patchwork trousers (material waiting) once I've made a basic pair :)

Karen said...

So lovely to see the little dolls still please little girls!!!! Back again from AWOL (Hospital) so am catching up with you all. Happy WOYWW! Karen T 96 x

Ann B said...

The felted picture is beautiful Annie. Afraid my first attempt went in the bin as it fell apart - must try harder.
Love the colours in your knitting, very cheerful.
no WOYWW number for me this week as my desk is clear (again). Must get going sometime as I have a special birthday card to make.

Ann B

Redanne said...

Hi Jo, your dragonfly pic is absolutely stunning! I love dragonfies and butterflies most in the world of nature and you have captured the beauty so well in this piece. Stunning. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #32

Mrs A. said...

That is so pretty and if it hadn't been snapped up I would be after it for myself. Absolutely stunning. Do I spy a frog or two in the water. Hugs Mrs a.

Trish Latimer said...

Gorgeous dragonfly pic Jo, love it, so etheral!!! Trish #90

Karen McAlpine said...

Lovely needle felt piece!! The hoodie looks like it will be warm and comfy.
Karen 107

Elizabeth said...

Hello Jo, your needle felt picture is beautiful - there's something of the Monet's Waterlillies about it I think. Busy desk as usual, I see - lovely bright colours in the yarn you are using for the hoodie. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #105

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Peeped about abit to catch the finished dolls. Here oh the feltings are so pretty, you've such a variety of talents girl. Enjoy

famfa said...

Wow, that dragon fly picture is Awesome (overused word here in Canada but fits your picture perfectly). Yu are very talented.
Knit looks good, love the colours.
Famfa #28

Morti said...

Oooh - lovely dragon fly picture!

Kate said...

Love the dragon fly dreams.

** Kate **

JoZart said...

Beautiful dragonfly pic. It will really be a treasure for the little girl, I'm sure. Lovely to see all your busy goings on and it's not a mess just actively creative!
Love JoZarty x

Angelfish said...

The dragonfly picture is beautiful and I always love to see other people's knitting, especially when it looks so colourful :o)
Fiona xx #131

trisha too said...

Such a lovely dumf-ed dragonfly, so dreamy and pretty!

:)trisha #36ish

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think you've got the colours and feel of the dragonfly and the water just right. What a pretty picture, I'm not surprised the little girl loved it :)
hugs, LLJ #71 xx

mamapez5 said...

Jo, that picture is beautiful. I don't know much about the sort of work you do, but I love the finished articles. I clicked on the photo for a closer look and was amazed at all the little details.
I had three of my sons quite close together so I've done several knitting projects that need to be X3. I always found the third one quite hard to get started, but I loved to see them all wearing something 'different but similar' when they were all finished. Kate x #80

Anne said...

Love the picture - such talent you lucky lady. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

May said...

O my word... the painting is AmAzing... Gorgeous work.. simply Perfect... Hugs May x x x#4

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh, the dragonfly scene is so delicate and serene. You've made it just perfect. Your desk is quite full but has a lot of happy things and happy colors on it.

JoZart said...

Wha ton earth do you need a replacement, thingummybob... er ironing board for??? Heh he!
Oh, yes... I used ours a few weeks ago for steaming some knitting.
Love jo x

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow!! Lots of goodies being made at your desk!! The doll and felted picture are amazing!!!!!! You go, girl!

Jeannie #62

VonnyK said...

Your dragonfly picture is stunning. The dragonfly is so beautiful and that sky, gorgeous. You really are so clever with the felt. The hoodies look really bright and cheerful. I had a closer look at the magazine picture and I can't believe that wave is sewn, so good.
Have a great week.
Von #45

Neesie said...

What a beautiful stunning dragonfly picture Jo,
I'm sure it will be treasured's so special :D
Your desk also looks like there's so much creativity going on...and such fun! ;D

Thanks for sharing and visiting my desk earlier ~ Happy WOYWW to you Neesie #11

fairyrocks said...

I do so like a busy desk. Love your felted creation. Something I have yet to venture into. Keep smiling and creating, hope all your creations are claimed soon.

MaggieC said...

You are so talented. How do you look at wool etc and come up with such inspired ideas. Thank you for your visit this week and your advice to calm down. I have camed down, so much I have given up all hope of finished my project before we go away. Today was sorted - deliver Grandson's card and pressie this morning and craft this afternoon. Didn't happen - we had a visit from some very good friends who have been traveling the Yorkshire canal system all summer. No craft, but it was good to see them and catch up. have fun with your wool. xx #102

Samantha Elliott said...

Your Dragonfly picture is fantastic! It hasn't arrived with me yet though!! LOL!
I was at NEC last week and there was needlefelting kits everywhere and I kept thinking of you two. I was sooo tempted to buy a kit to give it a go but I have way too many projects on the go already!

Tertia said...

Oh my. that dragonfly picture is AMAZING!!! Love. love. love it!
I am in the process of knitting for the grandies, but it is taking longer than I thought.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #52

Julia Dunnit said...

I never see untidy on your table Jo, funny how our perceptions are so altered! Love the knotty colours, the munchkins are going to look sooo well dressed this autumn!!

Neet said...

That's 'Monet felted' and more - it is so beautiful just like his paintings and whilst it is under the sea I hope you can see (pun!?)where I am coming from.
Love your desk - such a hive of industry - now I need to clear mine after the weekend dumping session and hopefully I can get some fabric out and have a play/create.
Thanks for sharing (apologies for being so late) - Hugs, Neet #58 xx

SueH said...

Sorry to be so late letting to you this week JO.

Your picture is beautiful, the colours remind me Monet’s paintings. May be you’ll be selling it for millions at some time in the future, Lol.

Happy Crafting!

akilli melek said...

LOVE it is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT! was blown away by it!

I would think you will have quite a few orders when people see how lovely it is, although the picture doesnt do it justice....especially the twinkly bits

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Jo, ah ah how absolutely delicious and beautiful this is - just adore the soft colours and subtle tones - your requester put in a great request and you answered it so very very well!! thanks for sharing Shaz in Oz. x

Nan G said...

Was scrolling thru your blog trying to see what 'felting' is...don't know what it is but what you do with it is drop dead gorgeous!! Love the dragonfly piece. Very lucky little girl to receive this as a gift!! Nan G 134 from WOYWW #172