Sunday, 4 September 2011

This is M's latest little pic which she has finished and framed, ready for her Etsy shop.
She used some vintage linen as a background and collaged little snippets of fabric,
 free machined in place, to embellish these little Baboushkas.
I think the pale ash coloured frame sets it of nicely and wouldn't it look good on a nursery wall??
The frame is 340 x 190 cms.

My latest creations were made using the duvet, bought for 50p at the car boot sale.
I rarely make 2 the same but today I just had enough of the right bits to do so.
I also made one for an older girl as I am sure there is a need for all sizes.
I love the cheery look to the fabric and it is lovely and soft to work on - yet strong and hopefully hard wearing.

The next 3 little frocks were made using pillowcases donated by our lovely blog friends.

And lastly the middle one with little collage of a house on the pocket was made with a pillow case M had rejected. I really like this little frock.
The other 2 were made with the duvet fabric that I had dyed flamingo pink. I have used lots of this fabric to trim other dresses.


Anonymous said...

thats such a beautiful art peice and i just love the little dresses,, now thats a creative idea,, they are adorable!

Tina Gilmore said...

Love M's new picture, so many dresses, you sleeping at all? Ha! See you soon xx

Annie said...

Dresses looking great Jo....I just wish I had the spare time to make some but needs must :-)
Another fab pic by M. Hope they are selling well.
A x

Polly Polkadot said...

I really like the Russian dolls. i think they are really well balanced in the frame.

Mrs A. said...

Really pretty dresses. Do you have Elfs helping you out!!!!! Still only on dress 4 & 5. Hugs Mrs A.

Di said...

Hi Jo! I was sure I'd commented here - a few of my comments have gone walkies this past few days :(

You mentioned Moccachino slices on my blog - so what gives? Gonna give us all the recipe? Please ! Di xx

BumbleVee said...

Matrioshki dolls..... although, they may be wearing baboushka.... very sweet...... love all the new little dresses.....