Friday, 23 September 2011

More news & Up Date!!

Hi folks

Just to say - things looking OK.
M's medication seems to be working and Dr's slowly weaning her off it.
Still another day or two of intensive care needed.

Looks like Annie is going to have to move in to look after twins.
Up to now they have been cared for by maternity staff but seems that is not an option now!
Watch this space.
Yes - Annie has been allowed to move in and look after twins. That way they will still be where M can get to them, when she is well enough to move from intensive care. Other options were that they sent them home to dad B - who would have to cope with them and a poorly M in hosp. OR foster care!!! Ha! As if Annie would let that happen. She is determined they will stay in hospital so they are there for M. when she is well enough. She must be desperate to see them by now!!!

Keep sending those vibes -it certainly gives Annie a boost to know you are thinking of them all.
Thanks lots


mckinkle said...

Thanks Jo for the important updates. Annie will feel so much better being there and being able to be hands on for both of the babies and M also of course. Her training and vast experience of such incidents has really been truly invaluable and Im sure it will continue to be so.

Those beautiful babies will very soon be in their Mummies hands just as soon as she has recovered enough and knowing that her Mum is there with them will reassure her no end!

You're doing a grand job supporting everyone and keeping us all up to date so, thanks to you Jo!

I'll be checking with you for developments. Sending you all many many cyber hugs and love!
Keryn x

Di said...

WHAT!!! I'm horrified Jo! How could they think of the babies leaving hospital - I know things are tight in the NHS but my blood boils! Annie has gone for the best solution and hopefully M will soon be well enough to be with her little ones. I think some rear ends need a swift kicking - grump, grump! But, it's good to know M is making progress. Still got me prayer mat out here :) Love and hugs, Di xx

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

still praying for them.
Blessings to you all

Mrs A. said...

Just caught up on all the latest. Best wishes coming your way and thinking good thoughts for you all at this time. Hugs Mrs A.

Kezzy said...

I can't believe they were going to allow the babies home or foster care, how awful. Thank goodness Annie can be there with the twins and her daughter. Thank you so much for keeping us all updated. Take care and my prayers and thoughts are with you all. Kezzy x

Suz said...

Good to hear M is slowly getting better
Still sending all my Love and good wishes and of course Huge Hugs for all of you xxx

Fuchsia said...

Thanks for your kind words and passing by !

Sending all my positive vibes and hoping everyone copes well xxxx

Doone said...

M will steadily recover, and should do so as her body allows, even though her heart and mind wish it to be faster..., and the twins will be fine too, you will be so close as a family, it is the bad times that bring people closer. M will be forever grateful for her wider family.


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe that in this day and age they would even consider putting those little mites into foster care. I was a foster mother for years, and did occasionally look after children whose mum's were in hospital, but never tiny newborns, much as I would have loved to. Annie is so right to stand her ground. Elizabeth x

okienurse said...

It seems like the healthcare system in the UK is just about as bad as what it is over here. Glad to hear that M is better and Annie is standing her ground n this issue. In the states it is relatively easy to get in the system but hard to get the babes out once they are put in foster care!

Gez said...

I'm sat here speechless Jo.. tears welling. Thank the Lord Annie can stay..xxxxx

Calico Kate said...

Oh Crikey Jo! So pleased Annie is able to move in a look after babes & M too. Heavens what an awful thing to happen. hoping things still on the mend.
Thoughts and prayers with all the family.