Saturday, 29 May 2010

A walk in the sunshine

It's a drab,wet day here today - so different from yesterday.
We decided to go for a walk after lunch whilst the sun was shining, so on went the walking boots and into my little green rucksack went a couple of apples, bottle of water, binoculars and my camera.
We walked up the lane and across the fields to Marrington Dingle. (Well no, actually we rambled around a bit and then hiked about a mile down the main road before dropping down into the Dingle.) The farm track drops down through forest, which is part of the Marrington Estate, to the River Camlad, which meanders through a beautiful little valley. (I think the Camlad is the only river that rises in Shropshire and flows into Wales)

I stopped on the bridge over the river to admire the view and spotted a stunning Grey Wagtail on a rock. It is actually grey and yellow and, thankfully, I could watch it for quite a while through my binoculars, as it was feeding on the insects over the river. A flash of turquoise caught my eye as a Kingfisher flew up the river towards me, turned, and zig-zagged away, skimming over the water. Wow!! They are such a fabulous irridescent colour it's hard to believe they are a british bird.

We walked on along the valley amongst the pink campion and wild comfrey. The purple and black Damsel flies flitted around the nettles and Orange Tip butterflies fluttered from flower to flower.

A Grey Heron flew up from the river, flapping slowly away with its long legs dangling and a large creamy brown buzzard circled above us making its characteristic mewing sound.

What a little oasis of beauty in that little river valley.

The rest of the walk was through Whittery Woods with its leafy oak trees and then on to the farmland back to Old Churchstoke and back home. About 6 miles, I think. My little feet were aching by the time I returned but well worth the effort!

I hope you like the photos - they never do it justice and of course the birds were too quick for me to snap!!


Wipso said...

Wow what really gorgeous photos sis. Thanks for sharing them.
A x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Those photo's are fantastic, it is just so beautiful where you live. It is absolutely horrible here today was going to go to a car boot sale but I would doubt anybody showed up.
Christine x

mckinkle said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos and for the lovely description of the wildlife it was truly wonderful!
And then I looked out of my window! Eeek, lots of wet stuff here too, still ladies, if it's only going to be one day of rain we can all sacrifice that I guess so long as the next 2 are little beauties!

Hope your tootsies are recovered from your walk!

Have a fab weekend!

Keryn x

mountainear said...

The wildflowers are stunning this year. Why is capturing them on film so difficult?

I've often wondered what Marrington Dingle was like, having only driven past. Looks like a lovely walk.

Jensters said...

I did the same sort of thing Twiglet...went out for a two hr walk with Lola all across the fields in the countryside didnt take a camera tho as the rain was bad...we did here a cuckoo which was nice and had to put Lola back on the lead a few times aswell cause lots of horses around....great photos glad you enjoyed it.

BumbleVee said...

thanks for a lovely summery walk. I'm having to live vicariously right now... today it is a rotten 0C and snowing if you can believe it! What happened to my +27C of a week ago?

My new little shrubs are sitting there in pots with snow on their heads....waiting to be planted ... and my flowers that have bloomed.... snow on their little heads as well....sigh.... oh, well... last year it snowed June 5...I guess I can say we are a week ahead of then...... I hope......

Marydon Ford said...

I love 'our' walks with you thru the countryside. They are so peaceful.

May your Memorial weekend & celebrations be safe & enjoyable, filled merriment ... as you solemnly remember those that have passed before us & our military that protect(ed)s our freedoms. LET FREEDOM RING!!

TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

Gez said...

Stunning photos. Thanks for sharing. They are so uplifting. What a beautiful walk. Hope your feet are okay today.xx

Karen Martin Sampson said...

Lovely photos of where you live! When it isn't raining I can get nice shots here on north Vancouver Island too, but it has been a very wet winter and spring so far. I will follow your blog with interest - your interests in life and art are wonderful. You can find me at if you like...hope you will visit some time!